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Saturday, December 8, 2012

When simple restraint just isn't enough...

Have a hard to buy for thug on your Christmas list? Problem solved! Next generation handcuff restraints that bind, deliver electric shocks, administer medicine or maybe even a lethal dose? Perfect for controlling an angry mob or a pissed off proletariat. Or re-educating subversives who just aren't thinking right. These babies will surely keep them all in line. A few zaps from Patent Bolt™ and watch how fast they change their tune! Perfect for any occasion or insurrection, from the neighborhood pokey to a latin american dictator's torture chamber.

Controlling the Levels of Electric Shock
The patent states that in various embodiments, safety mechanisms may be included in the control system of the restraining device and/or controller to prevent a detainee from receiving greater than a predetermined nonlethal amount of electric shock in a predetermined period of time.

In another embodiment, the detainee interface receives electrical impulses from the detainee's heart, and returns them via EKG/EGG sensors to the sensor components for analysis by the control system. If the detainee's measured EKG is not measured to be in a safe range for administration of a shock (for instance, if fibrillation or arrhythmia is detected), the shock from the electric shock component will be suppressed. In an alternate embodiment, if the measured EKG signal from the detainee interface indicates a health issue, the control system may send a message to an external entity through the communication interface, indicating that the particular detainee is experiencing a health issue. In this manner, an external entity may avoid or suppress sending an activation signal to the restraining device, and/or summon medical care for the detainee.
In some embodiments, the restraining device may be configured to inject the substance through a movable needle or gas injection system. Administration of such substances may be in addition to or in place of any electric shocks delivered by the restraining device, and substances may be delivered to achieve any desired goal such as providing a needed medication to a patient; preventing occurrence of uncontrollable psychotic episodes or seizures, suppression of undesirable behavior, chemical restraint when electrical restraint is insufficient (such as in the case if an energy storage device in the restraining device has insufficient charge state) or any other desired reason.


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