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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yakkety Shmakkety

A lot of liberal Democrats and other Israel haters have been bloviating this week about the audacity of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accepting John Boehner's invitation to address Congress, two weeks before his own election. 

I think that it is time to unwad their panties. I, for one, am interested in what Bibi has to say about the foolishness of forging a bargain with a country like Iran, a country that is currently both internally unstable and long committed to Israel's destruction. If you aren't interested, don't listen.

Three out of four Israelis don't trust Obama on the issue of Iran and come to think of it, neither do I. Obama guesses wrong, its a mere miscalculation. Israel guesses wrong, they are toast. In any case, the real kicker is that we may be the ones doing the real interfering. Read Marc A. Theissen's piece in the WaPo. Obama has apparently sent a top operative to Israel and funded opposition candidates, in direct violation of Israel's election laws. Over 200k in State Department grants went to the group One Voice. Not exactly kosher.
."..While White House officials were threatening Israel, the news broke that Obama’s 2012 national field director, Jeremy Bird, was headed to Tel Aviv to manage a grass-roots campaign to oust Netanyahu. Bird would not be working to defeat Netanyahu if he thought Obama opposed it. Can you imagine Karl Rove going to London while George W. Bush was in office to help conservatives oust Prime Minister Tony Blair? It further emerged that the group behind Bird’s anti-Netanyahu effort has received State Department funding and lists the State Department as a “partner” on its Web site. Netanyahu’s Likud Party held a news conference to accuse its opponents of accepting foreign funds in violation of Israeli election laws, and Israeli newspapers published headlines on the “Obama-Labor link .”"
Bird is a real beauty and a notorious hater of Israel, schooled under the tutelage of one Edmond Hanauer. So let's tone down the big shocked sense of outrage.


Obama is taking a lot of heat for the interview he gave Vox. I have to admit, I had never read Vox before the randomgate issue came up. It is a hip millennial website that is remarkable in its vacuity and banal offerings. Believe it might be partially owned by the guy that runs the Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas, as well as a few other people.

Anyhow I glanced at the site and saw a few headlines like Mucus is gross, and Politicians are boring and started feeling real bad about what passes for responsible or adult journalism today. And we all know that most young people can't find Mexico on the map and are a little confused about all this icky foreign policy stuff so Vox gives you little flash cards you can cheat with and impress your friends with your broad knowledge of current events. Like this one:

Anyway Obama took a lot of flack for his attempts to show that the shooting in the kosher supermarket was a random attack that didn't specifically target you know who. Which is hard to swallow since the terrorist himself called the french tv station and said he was targeting the HyperCacher because of the jews he knew would be there.

Earnest and Psaki looked really stupid trying to say that there were other ethnicities there and that other nonjewish were killed (they weren't.) Finally after a bunch of derision over the collapse of such an obvious bullshit narrative, they said that the boss had aways been clear that it was an attack on jews (he wasn't.) Yglesias wrote a followup today telling people to lay off the state department hacks, they merely had a bad day. We met Psaki last year when she refused to label a molotov cocktail throwing Palestinian freedom fighter a terrorist. Anyone who thinks that the administration's constant attempt to marginalize a certain population is not scripted is a fool.

I read most of the transcript of the great leader's interview and I wasn't nearly as unhappy about his softballing the anti semitic nature of the Paris attacks or the minimization of the threat of terrorism as with another thing. How fast Matt Yglesias tried to throw Israel under the bus:
MY:You mentioned the Philippines, and earlier the idea that there are big gains potentially to be made by giving some assistance to Central America. Does it really make sense to have so much of America's foreign aid going to a country like Israel that's quite wealthy when there are other democratic allies in other regions in the world that seem maybe more in need of assistance?
You read Vox and you get a lot of this sort of thing, they are lionizing the actions of the poor girl Kayla Mueller who thought she could make nice with the jihadists and got herself killed. Interesting that Mueller's parents are blaming the Unites States for not making more aggressive actions to save or ransom her but I think she made her own hijab here unfortunately. You climb Mt. Rainier and get stuck don't ask the public to pick up the tab and come save you either.

The liberal left has adopted the administration narrative hook, line and sinker, Israelis bad, muslims good and for gods sake don't say anything that will inflame the poor dears, you know how they get...

Interesting that Obama freaks out about jews legally buying land and moving into Jerusalem, rails against apartheid Israel, but has no problem when Abbas says that the future Palestinian state will be devoid of jews, a people that 97% of Palestinians now despise according to recent polls. Where does the harede come from? Well the television for one:
In Friday’s sermon on official Palestinian Authority TV, the cleric demonized Jews as “apes and pigs.”
“Many Muslims are being harmed these days by a group whose hearts were sealed by Allah. ‘He made of them [Jews] apes and pigs and slaves of deities’ (Quran, 5:60). They are harming the livelihood of the believers [Muslims]… They withhold their [the Palestinians’] money and collect interest on it.” 
[Official PA TV, Jan. 30, 2015]
A few months ago, a Palestinian youth recited a poem on official PA TV, also demonizing Jews as apes and pigs, as Palestinian Media Watch reported:
“You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship
O Sons of Zion, O most evil among creations
O barbaric apes, O wretched pigs”

[Official PA TV, Sept. 12, 2014]
The Quran in three places (Suras 2:65, 5:60, and 7:166) tells of Allah turning Jews into apes and/or pigs. In one place, it is explicitly about Jews:
And you had already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the Sabbath, and We said to them, ‘Be apes, despised.'”
 (thanks to Bloodthirsty Liberal for this one)
Guess the jews should have played along with Mohammed back in 627, would have saved a lot of bloodshed and shpilkis.

I could go on and on but will thankfully, spare you...


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I comprehend the Israeli point of view and all that. What I don't like and where Bibi screwed up was in the arrogant chutzpah of trying to act like the US is a colony of Israel. This is not his personal playground where he can trot over and ally himself with a gang of right wing fools who have poisoned the political well with absurd partisanship (in cooperation with the left wing fools, of course). If he wants to play it this way he can but he does NOT get a free pass--he gets to pay a political price. That political price could escalate in the manner of the issues we see getting messed up in the US political process. Bibi has a choice: does he want the billions of aid and considerable diplomatic support of his ONLY ally to come from a more or less unified country or does he want it to be the sole project of a conservative US party. It is his call now. He would be wise to think through the wisdom of demeaning this country and acting like he is prime minister of a Greater Israel that has (in his fantasy) come to aggregate not only the Palestinian territories but also the (poorly) United States.

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if the big o"s lips move you know he is lying, i would love to hear the prime speak