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Friday, April 3, 2015


Valley of Death © Robert Sommers

I was driving up the 15 towards Fallbrook the other day when I caught the sign in my periphery on the east side of the freeway, New homes on Horseshit Ridge, or something like that. Part of the zillion new homes planned on the corner of the 76 and 15, near the newly planned Palomar campus. And I thought, Jeezus H., we are going into mandatory drought rationing, the state is as parched as a shipwrecked prune and we are still doling out water meters? WTF?

The snowpack is at 15%, the fire season is now officially 20 days longer and the fires are burning hotter, Yosemite's Glacier Point Rd. has just been opened at the earliest date on record and yet we just continue to build, build, build. Wither water?

Leslie bought a new phone the other night and we drove out to the Bestbuy on 79. My god, it wasn't that long ago when the whole area was beautiful groves and rolling scenery, now the whole place is flat and buried under a foot of pavement. Love progress, it has a way of really destroying an area.

I have it on good word that the muggles like it better that way. More sanitary and a better place to install the gate guarded subdivisions.

©Ron Cobb
I have two giant redwoods on my property, about 50 years old. Never had to water them, they drink right out of the Santa Margarita's high water table. Or did until this year, the smaller one is getting awful brown.

It's getting really scary around here. And I think we have seen the future and it is probably only going to get worse, with all of this global warming that half the country doesn't want to believe in. Keep doing what you're doing. The earth is real big. You can't hurt it.


I have been having dreams about my father lately. Strange vibes. Things have frankly been very weird for me all week.

Got the call last night. Dad has had a major stroke, unconscious, released from the hospital last night, going to hospice. We are heading up as soon as we can.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to your dad.

I think the abomination on the 76 has paid out sufficient bribes to the Board of Supervisors to get their development regardless of reality based concerns. This BS won't last long though. The drought is a real monster with tremendous economic and social implications and it seems the state of CA at least is aware of the situation and starting action. These actions will eventually slow some development etc. I forget the name of the economist but one of his famous sayings was "If something can not go on forever it will stop". Of course the specifics of the stopping are usually quite nasty. We will need some divine intervention OR we have already been sentenced to become pillars of salt. Oh well, at least the chips will taste better with all that salt.

Kerr A. Lott said...

Sorry to hear that Robert, best to you and your family.

Sanoguy said...

Jon..,l it's was Herb Stein, father of Ben Stein.

I do know not know who said the fire season is 20 days longer than usual. In So Cal, we practically have a 12 month season. The SD county fires last May were very much like our typical fall fires, wind driven across dry vegetation. Things will be the same this year with a bit of wind, maybe worse. The brush is already dry.

North County Film Club said...

So sorry about your father, Robert.

Beth Jester said...

Hey Rob, Just had a chance to look at your blog. So sorry to hear about your father. Beth and Leven