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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whale with a monkey on its back

I have been fairly worthless this week, unable to focus on much. Playing a little guitar, writing a bit, reminiscing. Appreciate your condolences and sentiments very much.

Sending a genetic sample to Yseq in Germany today, testing another SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) to further flesh out my Y DNA analysis.

I haven't wanted to wade into too much politics, not the time for that but guess I can comment on a few things without incurring too much wrath. I had no idea that they were doping up the killer whales at the aquatic parks. I guess the story broke last year and I missed it. It disturbs me.

The orcas are getting benzodiazepines (diazepam, a generic valium) for stress, Xanex, antipsychotics to lower testosterone and aggression, tagamet for their stomach ulcers, contraceptives, mass quantities of antibiotics.  We have, in short, got a bunch of very whacked out orcas, literally stoned to the gills.

A new class action lawsuit alleges a laundry list of alleged sins along with the doping including severe confinement and the cruel separation of calves.

A letter to the Union yesterday may be the single most stupid thing I have ever read:

Oceans are icky and dangerous, Sea World is nice and safe. You win, Judythe. I stopped visiting Sea World because it costs a million dollars to get in. Methinks I don't want to go back there much anyway.

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