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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tim Hardin • Blues On The Ceilin'

If a mannor of thy friends...

 Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, and severall steps in my Sicknes
John Donne 1623

Mick Jagger gets to hear a real guitar player play

Sunday stuff to ponder


Sometimes people say things or I read something that just gets me thinking. There is no reason to offer any further description. People can form their own opinions about things.

Jamie Dimon
“It’s not right to say we’re worse off,” Dimon said Thursday at an event in Detroit in response to a question about declining median income. “If you go back 20 years ago, cars were worse, health was worse, you didn’t live as long, the air was worse. People didn’t have iPhones.”
Interesting article on the inequality subject and Dimon's comments at the Atlantic.

 from Arutz Sheva

Arab Witnesses Laughed, Spat at Wounded Terror Victim
On Sunday afternoon Adelle Banita-Bennett, widow of Aharon Banita-Bennett, who herself was seriously injured in the stabbing attack Saturday night in Old City of Jerusalem, woke up from medical coma she had been placed under in order to enable doctors to treat her.
Among the first people she spoke to was Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau, whom she told in detail about the attack.
The widow told Rabbi Lau that she attempted to escape from the terrorist after the stabbing began.
“I ran for dozens of meters with a knife in my shoulder, bleeding. Arabs in the area who saw this horrible scene clapped and laughed, and told that they hoped for my quick death. I felt I was about to faint,” she said. “I tried to hold on to someone who passed by, and they just shook me off and kicked me, and said 'die.'”
China Is Genetically Engineering Mini Pigs To Sell As Pets

Ever notice how spouses start to look alike after a while?


Smart animals and stupid humans


Monsanto leans on academics to fight their GMO war.

I was thinking of my pop yesterday. What I would give to spend another day with him? Still feel lost, sort of like an orphan. Miss his solidity, even after he lost lucidity.

One of my favorite teachers in college died recently. G.D. (Doug) Durrant taught me watercolor and a lot about art, not to mention life. The most fun I ever had in a class. Anything was on the table. We painted on location a lot and basically had a blast. I was there at the time with KJ, Harpold, Brett, Ryden, Greg Boren, Sumner, Kerry Brown, Andrea, Cohen, Harold, B. Reed, the art department was happening back then.

Doug's class had a nice mix of the regulars with some very nice Rancho Santa Fe housewives mixed in.

Talked so much about food that we had all had a potluck banquet at the end of the term. I made an apricot duck. Once gave him a pornographic cake in front of the class on his birthday and caused a little ruckus.

He enjoyed his students' success and was always supportive, quick with a compliment and encouragement.

Doug liked Texas, tattoos, rodeo, wrestling, his wife and kid. We used to go to wrestling together. Had some great parties at his house over Del Dios. Rubber snakes and fake cactus filled the corners. Went native after retirement. Sorry we sort of lost touch.

Doug could paint like hell when he wanted. He did the most beautiful watercolors during his demos, freely and naturally, when he wasn't thinking. I liked that stuff a lot better than his glitzier work.

Doug Durrant - Joel Vaughn/Telescope

Doug was a rodeo coach down at Sulross College, at least that was the myth I think I heard. I don't do facebook but I hear the plaudits are just pouring in. Doug was a good hombre. Always treated me good. Even bought from the gallery once or twice. Bless his heart.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Under Duress

I glean news from a variety of sources, center, left and right. I rarely go to either edge of the extreme fringe, the AlterNet, MondoWeis, Breitbart, Geller wings of absurdity and lunacy. It is so hard to find objective and non slanted information these days. Really have to be intellectually vigorous when sorting things out.

So when I read that the Obama Administration was giving over 1500 individuals with terrorist connections amnesty and resident status on Geller's site the other day I took it with a grain of salt and decided to do some further investigation, just in case. Couldn't be, could it?

Unless I am missing something, it appears it is true. Here is a link to the original article at Judicial Watch. Scary.
As if the President Obama’s sweeping amnesty measures haven’t compromised national security enough, the administration let 1,519 “inadmissible” foreigners embroiled in terrorism into the U.S. last year because the crimes were committed “while under duress.”
Before the Obama administration tweaked a federal law last year, these foreign nationals would have been banned from the country for supporting terrorist causes. But under the changes the Secretary of Homeland Security has “discretionary authority” to waive certain grounds of inadmissibility relating to terrorism. We’ve seen this discretionary authority abused in the last few years and in fact, the administration has eliminated a zero tolerance policy for granting asylum or residency to individuals who have provided any sort of terrorism-related support...
The government’s latest available figures for granting asylum or residency to individuals embroiled in terrorist causes are incredibly disturbing, especially since the agency charged with keeping the nation safe, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), appears to downplay the seriousness of the crimes. Judicial Watch obtained the numbers from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) annual report to Congress on the DHS secretary’s application of discretionary authority.
The biggest chunk of exemptions was processed for refugee applicants and lawful permanent resident status, with 806 and 614 respectively. The rest were processed under other DHS programs such as Temporary Protected Status (TPS), asylum and relief through a Justice Department initiative. The bottom line is that the U.S. government is allowing them all to stay in the country with rights and benefits afforded to legal residents despite their terrorist connections and associations.
More than half of the candidates rewarded by DHS last year provided material support to terrorist organizations, according to the DHS report. The others received military-type training from a terrorist organization, voluntarily provided medical care to members of a terrorist group and solicited funds or individuals for membership in a terrorist organization. After a case-by-case review, Obama’s DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, determined that the recently admitted terrorists only participated in these activities “while under duress.” So, welcome to America!
On the heels of a lone wolf sleeper shooting in Australia today I wonder if we have lost our freaking collective mind. Personally I would feel much more comfortable with the old policy of zero tolerance, especially after the Boston tragedy. But this administration has a seeming soft spot for islamic terrorists, optimistic that they can turn them from the dark side with some good old fashioned american cooking. Here's a link to the actual report from Homeland Security. And the determination itself, pushed by one John Kerry. By the way one of the most recent government assessments pegged the incidence of asylum fraud at 70% of all applications. Feel better?

I was sick to my stomach after hearing about our fearless leader's speech at the United Nations the other day. The typical kill them with kindness, they just need jobs blather we have come to expect from the Obamaites. But this time coming out of the great one's own mouth. From the New York Times:
UNITED NATIONS — President Obama called upon a conclave of world leaders on Tuesday to fight violent extremism not just with weapons but with ideas, jobs and good governance, a strategy he has long advocated. There are few signs that it is succeeding.
Military pressure, Mr. Obama said at a United Nations summit meeting, will be insufficient to vanquish groups like the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL.
“This means defeating their ideology,” he said. “Ideologies are not defeated with guns. They are defeated by better ideas — a more attractive and compelling vision.”
Our President's doe eyed naiveté would be comical if it didn't have such tragic implications. He has an obvious internal defect that fails to grasp the true nature of the conundrum, that we are indeed at war with radical Islam.

That the nature of the struggle stems not from lack of opportunity, vision or jobs but instead from a theological and cultural divide with a violent creed that lacks respect for human rights and civility, envisions global domination and caliphate, engages in routine honor killing and the subjugation and brutalization of women, that regularly bombs wedding parties, that treats the annual haj like the bull run at Pamplona, that kills rival sects, bloggers and political opponents, even if they are children, that forbids people from changing their religion, that clearly lacks any semblance of civility as practiced by the rest of the world.

Do people from other religions commit unspeakable acts? Of course they do. But certainly not on this level of scale and regularity. Would be unthinkable for the lutherans to leave pressure cookers full of nails at a marathon, to target innocents like the muslims do on a routine basis. People who we accept on our shores, who we send to our schools for free, who take advantage of our welfare system, look how we get repaid for our kindness. Look at the number of jihadists that travel from Minnesota back to the battle front every year. Look at the Major Nidals and the Tennessee shooter.

And we permit the terrorists to return, because our leader has his head so far up his ass sucking up to the only group he seems to worry about alienating, the erstwhile religion of peace. Because he can't recognize the actual nature of the conflict, which is as plain as the nose on your face to the great majority of people. The typical liberal conceit, everybody will adopt our western notions if we can just shine a light.

We expect very little of human beings in this world, most cultures have a pretty hands off approach. Do what thou wilt but don't hurt anybody if you can help it and allow people to make their own personal choices.

We harbor a minimal expectation that our fellow hominids will act like human beings and not savages. I know that I am hopelessly old fashioned but I take extreme umbrage when people decide to fly airplanes into the Pentagon and World Trade Center and kill large numbers of my fellow americans. I take these sorts of things very personally.

Naama Henkin and her husband Eitam were shot dead by Palestinian terrorists in front of their four young children in the West Bank the other day. Hamas and others were quick to praise the "brave resistance" for the "heroic" attacks.
On Friday, after the attack on the Henkins, a senior Palestinian activist said in a telephone interview that Palestinians should “use all methods of resistance” against Jewish settlers. The activist, Sultan al-Einein, a member of the central council of Fatah, the political party led by Mr. Abbas, added, “We should kill their women as they have killed ours.”
His statement came after a branch of a Fatah militant group, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack on its website.
A Hamas spokesman praised the attack by the "brave resistance," calling the murderous act "heroic," and vowing to continue the struggle against Israel. The organization call for its members to carry out more attacks against Israel.
The Popular Resistance Committees also "blessed" the attack, saying it was a natural reaction to "Israeli crimes."
So bring on the terrorist refugees, Barack. Hard not to want to love these people to death. Who doesn't have a soft spot for them? Jobs, that's it, they need jobs. I want to hire somebody whose job skills include cutting off people's heads.

I have full confidence that the new Department of Redeemed Terrorists will do a simply stellar job reintroducing these people to polite society. Liberals can even adopt them if they wish.

The president is beginning to look like a cuckolded eunuch in his foreign policy. He has lost respect from friend and foe alike. The Iranians are laughing at him, the Saudis, the Russians, everybody knows he is all talk and won't back anything up. Yesterday it was David Cameron contradicting him.

Our President, known for his analytic nature, can't believe that the rest of the world won't defer to his brilliant rationalization for doing nothing and be content to watch the rebel forces get ground up by both Isil and Assad. Now he wants to befriend the Kurds again. Be afraid of this man, Kurds, be very afraid. He will sell you out as soon as it is convenient.

Nature abhors a vacuum and for good or ill, Putin is filling it, no longer able to stand by while the great world power stands around with its finger up its ass.


Following consultations with the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State have determined that the grounds of inadmissibility at section 212(a)(3)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(3)(B), bar certain aliens who do not pose a national security or public safety risk from admission to the United States and from obtaining immigration benefits or other status. Accordingly, consistent with prior exercises of the exemption authority, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Attorney General, hereby conclude, as a matter of discretion in accordance with the authority granted by INA section 212(d)(3)(B)(i), 8 U.S.C. 1182(d)(3)(B)(i), as amended, as well as the foreign policy and national security interests deemed relevant in these consultations, that paragraphs 212(a)(3)(B)(iv)(VI)(bb) and (dd) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(3)(B)(iv)(VI)(bb) and (dd), shall not apply with respect to an alien who provided limited material support to an organization described in section 212(a)(3)(B)(vi)(III) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(3)(B)(vi)(III), or to a member of such an organization, or to an individual described in section 212(a)(3)(B)((iv)(VI)(bb) of the INA,8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(3)(B)(iv)(VI)(bb), that involves (1) certain routine commercial transactions or certain routine social transactions (i.e., in the satisfaction of certain well-established or verifiable family, social, or cultural obligations), (2) certain humanitarian assistance, or (3) substantial pressure that does not rise to the level of duress, provided, however, that the alien satisfies the relevant agency authority that the alien:
(a) Is seeking a benefit or protection under the INA and has been determined to be otherwise eligible for the benefit or protection;
(b) Has undergone and passed all relevant background and security checks;
(c) Has fully disclosed, in all relevant applications and/or interviews with U.S. government representatives and agents, the nature and circumstances of any material support provided and any other activity or association falling within the scope of section 212(a)(3)(B) of the INA,8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(3)(B), as well as all contact with a terrorist organization and its members;
(d) Has not provided the material support with any intent or desire to assist any terrorist organization or terrorist activity;
(e) Has not provided material support (1) that the alien knew or reasonably should have known could directly be used to engage in terrorist or violent activity or (2) to any individual who the alien knew or reasonably should have known had committed or planned to commit a terrorist activity on behalf of a designated terrorist organization, as described in section 212(a)(3)(B)(vi)(I) or (II) of the INA,8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(3)(B)(vi)(I) or (II);
(f) Has not provided material support to terrorist activities that he or she knew or reasonably should have known targeted noncombatant persons, U.S. citizens, or U.S. interests;
(g) Has not provided material support that the alien knew or reasonably should have known involved providing weapons, ammunition, explosives, or components thereof, or the transportation or concealment of such items;
(h) Has not provided material support in the form of military-type training (as defined in section 2339D(c)(1) of title 18, United States Code);
(i) Has not engaged in any other terrorist activity, including but not limited to providing material support to a designated terrorist organization, as described in section 212(a)(3)(B)(vi)(I) or (II) of the INA,8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(3)(B)(vi)(I) or (II), to which no other exemption applies;
(j) Poses no danger to the safety and security of the United States; and
(k) Warrants an exemption from the relevant inadmissibility provision in the totality of the circumstances.
Implementation of this determination will be made by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), in consultation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), or by U.S. consular officers, as applicable, who shall ascertain, to their satisfaction, and in their discretion, that the particular alien meets each of the criteria set forth above.
This exercise of authority may be revoked as a matter of discretion and without notice at any time with respect to any and all persons subject to it. Any determination made under this exercise of authority as set out above can inform but shall not control a decision regarding any subsequent benefit or protection applications, unless such exercise of authority has been revoked. This exercise of authority shall not be construed to prejudice, in any way, the ability of the U.S. government to commence subsequent criminal or civil proceedings in accordance with U.S. law involving any beneficiary of this exercise of authority (or any other person). This exercise of authority creates no substantive or procedural right or benefit that is legally enforceable by any party against the United States or its agencies or officers or any other person.
In accordance with section 212(d)(3)(B)(ii) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1182(d)(3)(B)(ii), a report on the aliens to whom this exercise of authority is applied, on the basis of case-by-case decisions by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or by the U.S. Department of State, shall be provided to the specified congressional committees not later than 90 days after the end of the fiscal year.
This determination is based on an assessment related to the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States as they apply to the particular persons described herein and shall not have any application with respect to other persons or to other provisions of U.S. law.

Jeh Charles Johnson,
Secretary of Homeland Security.
John F. Kerry,
Secretary of State.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Post racial

Alabama Demands Voter ID--Then Closes Driver's License Offices In Black Counties

White GOPer: We Can Beat Black US Rep By Adding More Prisoners To Her District

“It's a perfect storm," Adkins said on the audio recording. "You draw it in such a fashion so perhaps, a majority, or maybe not a majority, but a number of them will live in the prisons, thereby not being able to vote."

“You start out in 1954 by saying, ‘Nigger, nigger, nigger.’ By 1968 you can’t say ‘nigger’—that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract.” Late Republican strategist Lee Atwater

Long John Baldry - Flying

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Beatles - It's All Too Much

I like to be in San Juan

Thanks to some incredibly wonderful friends of ours, Leslie and I were treated to a mini vacation up in the San Juan Islands of Washington this past week. To say that the trip exceeded our wildest expectations would be making a vast understatement.

If you have never been to San Juan Island, imagine a locale with no traffic lights, franchise stores or litter anywhere.

Where people are generally well mannered and considerate.  With the most gorgeous and pristine nature and scenery imaginable.

bull kelp

A place that harbors no poisonous snakes or scary predators. But does have flying squirrels. Pretty astounding really.

San Juan is made up of two principal centers, Roche and Friday Harbor. Sydney Island, Victoria and the Olympics loom in the distance.

Roche Harbor
The island lies in the rain shadow of the Olympic Range and consequently stays much more temperate and drier than some of the other places we have visited nearby in the region.

It was a whirlwind trip, far too short but we maxed out the fun meters every day. I am tired and have work piled up so pardon me, but I will try to keep this relatively concise and sort of add as I go if I have time this week.

Our friends live on the Haro Strait, on the westward side of the island. The Haro is also known as the Orca highway, the resident killer whale pods of the Salish Sea ply its waters on a daily basis.

First a quick geography and history lesson. There are 473 islands in the San Juan chain. The largest are Orcas, San Juan, Shaw, Blakely, Decatur and Lopez.

San Juan is infamous for being the site of the Pig War of 1859, a bloodless dispute between the respective English and American garrisons that camped on either side of the Island during the long border negotiations.  An American farmer, Lyman Cutlar, found a large black pig rooting through his garden so he took matters in hand and shot the poor beast. Its rightful owner, an irishman named Griffin, took umbrage at the hog killing.

 "It was eating my potatoes." Griffin replied, "It is up to you to keep your potatoes out of my pig, the other man replied."

Things blew up as they often do in such contretemps and warships were eventually dispatched. Finally cooler heads prevailed and people realized the folly of fighting over swine and the Germans made the final call on the border lines, which had long been ambiguous. The United States would get everything east of the Haro Strait.

Now the infamous Pig War kerfuffle is celebrated by the locals every fourth of July with a barbecue.

I took this picture at the english cemetery on Young Hill, also known as  Mt. Young I believe. Six soldiers died and one civilian during the long standoff. Much alcohol was also drunk in the interim, with both sides actually getting quite convivial with each other and hoisting many a pint.

Some quite tame Colombian black tailed deer loitered around the peaceful resting place. I got within six feet of this one.

Saw a silver tipped fox at one point. Soon the huge trumpeter swans will be arriving.

I should probably take the time to shpiel for a moment, if I may.

I fancy myself a bit of an artist, and a risk taker, at least when it comes to photography.

Along with risk taking comes occasional failure, there is no two ways about it.

And I had some failures this week, taking pictures anyway, missed a golden opportunity. Happy with what I culled, but could have been ecstatic.

I assumed that certain equipment would work a certain way without actually testing it and it proved to be a major stumbling block. Not that I couldn't have improved my work, if I had my wits about me.

I decided to leave my massive Wimberley gimbal head and Induro tripod combo at home because it is so freaking heavy and to take my monopod instead. Nearly fatal error.

You see, it is nearly impossible to hold a neutral density filtered long exposure on a monopod at the intervals I was trying and keep things steady enough to get anything decent. Next time I will know. Reduce the time and open it up. Bring the tripod.

Anyway back to failure. As a long term artist, painter, sketcher, writer and photographer, not to mention art dealer, I have noticed that the hardest thing for a person is to self edit. We tend to fall in love with our work. A commercial art teacher in college named Jim Hulbert partially cured me of this, seeing my infatuation with a sketch he sent me home to bring him back 200 more thumbnail views of the same object by the next day. Good lesson for me in humility and self censorship.

You can nail it your first time and if you are lucky you do, but you can't expect what you try to work all the time. You take a shot, you are going to fail occasionally, unless of course, your work is so godawfully safe that it is not worth a look in the best of times.

You stop taking chances, you die as an artist. A good artist is rarely satisfied.

The other thing about photography in particular, at least the type I prefer, is that there are times, especially in nature, when you have to wait for things to come to you. It is not a canned environment like a studio.

Which sometimes means long periods of waiting, which makes it a solitary pursuit. Which is exactly what makes it so satisfying for some of us. We get to be in our own space.

Things didn't come to me this week. We saw orcas and eagles but they were just out of lens reach. I will hopefully be smarter and luckier next time.

I will offer a little story and mid amble and then touch on a few high points. Met a very nice and intelligent retired anesthesiologist on the flight in who is making his own cello, now a thirty year pursuit. We hope to see him again.

We landed at Sea Tac and for some reason our shuttle to Anacortes was delayed, for over an hour. The woman behind the desk said that a bus had broke down that morning. We came to find out that one had indeed. Tragically. When I saw the picture of the bus company insignia in the newspaper the next day my heart sunk. Had we dodged a bullet? We eventually boarded the ferry in a light drizzle.

Eagle eyed Leslie espied humpbacks diving in the channel. Camera out of reach.


It was a great week to unplug. We were free from data, from connections, the phone, the web. Lived on great food, laughs, clean air and beauty. And friendship.

Our first day we went to Lime Kiln Park and unfortunately just missed seemed the whale pods moving north. We did see some dahl porpoises cavorting around in the distance and had a marvelous time nonetheless.

The colors are so pretty right now, from the turkey tail mushrooms to the singular and distinct palette of the madrone trunk.

Big leaf maples were starting their fall splash and lovely fern forests and berry patches filled in the occasional gaps in the landscape.

We went to a benefit for the San Juan Nature Institute one evening, most of the attendees were scientists and educators like my gracious hosts and we met some interesting people in a birthday celebration for a legendary local naturalist, Eugene Kozloff, now 95. Kozloff wrote some of the major tomes and compendiums on Northwest flora and fauna.

Next day we hiked past the cemetery and up Young Hill, its summit providing us with pristine and storybook views of the Island. A bald eagle soared far overhead. A pileated woodpecker tapped a rudimental rhythm on the trunk of a tree to our left.

We saw a lot of different birds, belted kingfishers, robins, herons, grebes, all manner of gull and duck including the gorgeous harlequin.

The afternoon after our hike we drove over to Roche Harbor, once the largest lime kiln west of the Mississippi and rented kayaks.

Our biologist guide took us to some beautiful areas and taught us how to use the currents to our advantage.

Leslie and I did pretty well but did have an occasional dispute about the proper division of labor and the need for pulling one's weight.

So much fun and I managed to keep the camera dry. Easy four hour row.

We put a crab trap out and brought up seven or eight the last day, which happened to be the last day of the season. Threw the undersized and females back and dined liked royalty on the rest.

I could go on and on but will spare you for now. We hope to return one day and give it another go. So much to still learn and explore. Want to get up close and personal with my whale and eagle friends.

We can't thank our hosts and friends enough. What a wonderful week. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We needed that.

Thanks also to Tom for fixing the water line, to Ron Levine for his help and to Renee for watching Kermit while we were gone. You all are saving my butt and I appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Champagne and reefer

Burn one with Bernie

Gee Rick Santorum, must really suck not to have anybody showing up at your rallies. And you might want to fact check that kvetch anyway. Bernie hasn't yet taken a position on legalizing weed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I got a mind to give up living.

Freaking parasites

Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.
Al Capone

Young hedge funder Martin Shkreli has a start up drug company named Turing Pharmaceuticals, which bought an anti parasitic drug, Daraprim. Daraprim is the standard first treatment for toxoplasmosis and has been the go to drug for killing parasites for a little over sixty years.

Daraprim used to cost $13.50 a tablet. Turing announces a price increase. The tablet will now cost $750.00 a pop. The 32 year old Shkreli says that he's not being greedy. He doesn't feel that a 5000% increase is excessive.
The Infectious Diseases Society of America and the HIV Medicine Association sent a joint letter to Turing earlier this month calling the price increase for Daraprim “unjustifiable for the medically vulnerable patient population” and “unsustainable for the health care system.” An organization representing the directors of state AIDS programs has also been looking into the price increase, according to doctors and patient advocates.
Daraprim, known generically as pyrimethamine, is used mainly to treat toxoplasmosis, a parasite infection that can cause serious or even life-threatening problems for babies born to women who become infected during pregnancy, and also for people with compromised immune systems, like AIDS patients and certain cancer patients.
Very interesting article over at the Times. The owner has been in trouble before with his rapacious attitude and allegedly unethical behavior.
This is not the first time the 32-year-old Mr. Shkreli, who has a reputation for both brilliance and brashness, has been the center of controversy. He started MSMB Capital, a hedge fund company, in his 20s and drew attention for urging the Food and Drug Administration not to approve certain drugs made by companies whose stock he was shorting.
Some great sage said that the problem with capitalism is that it often works too well. I think the problem might lie with the capitalists themselves. I think that it is also problematic when you start playing around with people's lives like this. Things are liable to rise up and bite you. This kid may have a serious karmic sandwich coming. Or get eaten himself one day.

Exécution de Marie Antoniette 10-16-1793