Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I found this extraordinary nude photograph at the show. Forty's, fifties' I'll wager. Reminds me very much of Ruth Bernhard's Woman in a box series.

It is large and very lovely. I need to do a little research and see if I can get a proper attribution. Sorry for the crummy photo of the photo. Best I could do today.

I said I would bring up sex, a subject we haven't touched on for a while. I have some thoughts and I have some questions.

I think that the internet is sexualizing the young to a degree beyond our comprehension. Porn is everywhere and kids are obviously going to check it out. Quick studies.

It would be my guess that it is changing the norm of sexual behaviors among the young as well, with anal sex almost being de rigueur at this point.

Spitting, gagging, hair pulling, the crude and almost scripted nasty behavior evident in today's porn, it all seems kind of inane to me. Not much sweetness but call me a hopeless romantic.

As one of the boys at coffee wryly noted this morning, the masturbatory spank bank of his youth was largely limited to the spare copy of national geographic and the maternity section of the Wards catalogue. Now every flavor of carnal perversion in the world is amply illustrated in high def video.

I guess that the current wave of online porn (don't ask for my sources) has been somewhat liberating, since there are all ages and body styles now being represented. Every strange variant of sexual behavior under the sun now simply key strokes away. There is evidently an ass for every saddle.

It kind of floors me how many humans are so ready to bare their all and present intimate videos to the world. Something they can proudly show their grandkids and future spouses. "Boy that Gina, look at her move them hips. That niece of mine had some real talent."


Sanoguy said...

Nice photo, love the subject matter!!

My, but aren't you prolific in your new found free sprit blogging life!!!

Ken Seals said...

check in the nude forum at www.photosig.com for similar work. you may even find the image.
have you tried google images?
i agree it's beautiful.