Blue Heron in flight

Monday, March 18, 2013


I bought a cool drawing last week. An early and large (21 x 23") pen and ink illustration from the creator of the Ratfink, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Got to meet Roth at a reunion once with Griff but never had any original art. This one is from 1963. This might have been illustrated by Wes Bennett, a disney artist who worked for Roth at the time.

The thing is pretty cool, with the suds in her hands. It is big with the frame, a big piece. I found the catalogue page that it is featured in, 1964. My older stepbrother David Fisher lived near Horace Mann in San Diego and was a member of the rats or the finks, I don't remember which. David turned me on to the whole culture which was really big back then in 64 or 65. Maltese cross era.

Lost David in a motorcycle accident but he was a real, major inspiration to me. Mountain man, order of the arrow indian dancer, outlaw biker, the koolest of the kool. My first idol. Always a great brother.

If you are into the hotrod thing, come check it out, stop by the gallery. It is for sale.

We had a big bike gang in town yesterday, with colors. Didn't look too malevolent. Hung out at the pub. Lots of christian bike gangs around too.

Seeing lots more colors around these days. We were behind a guy from the Road Whores the other day, a pretty neat sobriquet and a great patch. Couldn't grab a picture and the guy almost crashed.


grumpy said...

the bar on old 76 between Bonsall and the bridge used to be a major biker hangout of course...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, havnt thought about david in a long time. was a cool dude. didnt he have a connection to indian art or something...god we saw a lot of things when we were young. love you, Buzz