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Friday, March 22, 2013

Vernal Viernes

I was talking to a friend yesterday about a recent conversation that she had with her psychiatrist. He didn't sound well and he told her he was feeling sick because so many of his patients were sick. Of course, that is what psychiatrists do, they treat people that are mentally ill, a challenging and difficult job to be sure. Sort of goes with the territory.

Then he told her that the reason that they were sick was because they couldn't handle the recent daylight savings time change. Apparently more people react to it than you would think. Interesting, I know about December depression but had never considered that our circadian rhythms were so sensitive that an extra hour of dark could throw us off track.

Although it makes sense.

I think that I may have to stop drinking alcohol. Not that I drink in any fashion to excess, I don't. The problem is that I have developed a serious allergic reaction. First it was beer, now beer and wine. I immediately clog up and develop respiratory problems. I have tried benadryl and it doesn't seem to work. Wild Bill sent me this link today which sort of explains things. Still have to do the vodka and Bushmills test in order to be totally scientific.

Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational, The hidden forces that shape our decisions, continues to amaze. We may think that we are acting rationally but the degree with which we can be manipulated is astounding and empirically proven in this delightful book.

You learn about anchors and decoys, the difference between social exchanges and market exchanges. I am not finished so I am not going to go into the experiments too deeply but really recommend you read it.

If nothing else, he tells you how to pick a public toilet. Pick the one that seems like it would get the most traffic. In reality it probably gets the least traffic since we mostly all process these types of decisions the same way. My actuary friend Mike says that you always pick the toilet on the end because there is only a 33% chance of someone pissing on your foot. The whole science of behavioral economics is quite thought provoking. It reminds me of BigDave telling me to always turn left when entering the parking lot because 70% of the people will instinctively turn right.

D & R took us out last night to a great dinner at Vincent's. She asked an interesting question. You can get an image of yourself  by looking in the mirror and we carry one around internally. How old are you chronologically in the one you carry around internally?

I would say subtract 13 years, I'm 42, although my wife still thinks I act like I'm twelve.

The accent mark ordered some tea from these people and got this reply today. A tea liberally steeped in yogic bliss...


Your tea has been gently hand picked by artists of the leaf and our farmer friends from around the world. We've tasted and tested every brew in our San Francisco Lounges to be sure this blend is perfect.

Before packaging, we meditate positive, tea-infused inspiration over every hand-blended shipment. Our entire team does yoga together, enters a state of bliss, and then marches your package to the local post office where the postmen and women receive it with absolute reverence (and a bit of jealousy). We hope you had a wonderful time shopping at Samovar Tea Lounge, and can't wait to connect with you over a pot of tea.

If you ever need more tea or more bliss, visit us at our tea lounges or online. We await your return at www.samovarlife.com. And, if you like what you get and want to find out more, join our email list or forward it to a friend: www.samovarlife.com/signup.


Samovar Tea Lounge
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