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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Salinger's ball

I read about a new Facebook setup that will keep users from "oversharing." As you can imagine, oversharing has become a monumental problem in this new internet world of ours. I should know.

"Lars"called me up to bitch and moan the other day. Said his viagra prescription had doubled in price and the pharmacy wouldn't give him back the old script. Had to buck up emotionally to go through the whole rigamarole with the doctors again.

Never knew Lars's pencil lacked lead. Didn't need to know. But he obviously needed to tell somebody and I was there to lend an ear. That's what friends do. Good luck on that, Lars.

I had a client die a few months ago, weeks apart from his wife. At first our relationship was alright and then he got sort of pushy, liked to demand things and wag his finger in my face.

I was discussing the matter with an acquaintance who apparently had similar problems with the same gent, an ex Vice President of Contracts at a major Fortune 500 concern.  I guess I had it easy. He said that the man would force him to drive to Rite Aid and then buy him Depends™ and whiskey, because he was too embarrassed to do it himself. Said he got some real funny looks from the people he knew that saw him in line.

This week in literature department gave us the bombshell that J.D. Salinger only had one testicle, a fact that the deceased author was deathly afraid of becoming publicly known. Great reason to live your life in total isolation waiting for the other ball to drop.

I actually have a lot of good dirt i could spill. People tell me stuff. But I think that I will pass. Don't want to overshare or anything.

I hope that all of you are ready to have a great weekend and labor day. Be safe, drive carefully and don't miss the opportunity to tell your peeps that you love them.

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Anonymous said...

you dik.....

Brigitte said...

I am so OVER social media. I turned off Facebook last month after reading an interesting article in Fast Company.

#Unplug: Baratunde Thurston Left The Internet For 25 Days, And You Should, Too.

I discovered that I possessed many of the attributes that were detailed as "you might be an internet junkie if..."

Plus you gave it up and you seem to be doing fine. Yesterday I read in the Economist or Time Mag that Facebook makes people depressed and jealous...reading all those wonderful updates about other people's happiness, vacations, good fortune. A good dose of schadenfruede might be the best cure...but people rarely post their unhappiness or misfortune as far as I could see. No if I could only give up my smartphone...i might get a Jitterbug just to be ironic.