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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Late night binge

I had a late night craving for something sweet. Needed cheesecake in the worst way. I am holed up ensconced in a sort of weird neighborhood but I saw that my two options were either the Walmart that might still be open or Basha's supermarket.

I settled on Basha's. The late owner Eddie was a good guy, looked and pretended to be a Chicago tough but actually a sweetheart. He bought a Sam Maloof dining set from me once and helped to pay the mortgage and electric bill for several months. Besides I wanted a New York cheesecake, not a Chinese cheesecake and figured that the Basha's version would be closer to Brooklyn.

Lots of college kids in Flagstaff, boy do they look young. Guy in front of me got i.d.'d, barely made the cut but managed to score whiskey and some god awful wine, is that what they are drinking these days?

I couldn't help but notice that the very young little waif behind me, with the requisite nose stud and body by Olive Oyl was buying an interesting combination of the giant twizzlers pack and the industrial size liquid k.y.jelly. I don't want to even begin to surmise what kind of lubrication problems would necessitate such a purchase but I am sure that the college experience can be both difficult and quite drying. I was more interested in the twizzlers, arguably the most goddawful candy ever invented.

"You actually like those things? When you can buy real licorice? They taste so synthetic, like somebody made them with a home chemistry set."

"I love them because you can peel them," she says.""I like the texture."

Just no accounting for taste these days. Kids, they just don't listen. Good luck with all of your purchases. After you get all the squeaks out, you better take the time for a little studying, young lady.

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