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Friday, August 23, 2013

Rainbow Girl

Leslie had a birthday today as did my mother. Wish the both of them the best of birthdays.

This is a picture of Leslie at one of her favorite places on earth, Niagara Falls a few years ago.

I am such a lucky man to see this smile as much as I do. What a perfect partner to move through life with!


Sanoguy said...

Happy birthday, Leslie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Leslie! Wow, that is a stunningly fine picture. It reminds me of late 19th century studio portraits with backdrops, but here there is no backdrop and everything is quite perfect.

island guy said...

Happy belated birthday Leslie! Great smile, yeah. Love the background, very very spacey with the water, first thought you were on a boat and there was a swell behind you. In terms of photo art, one of the best pictures I've seen of you.