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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Napali trip

We decided to do something rather uncharacteristic and touristy and took the 65' luxury catamaran Southern Star into the Kalalau from Port Allan. Although the guide books claim that the boats that leave from the north are better, certain people we talked to said that it was more environmentally sensitive to leave from the west and so we did. It was a great trip and wonderful adventure. Food was good, fellow passengers were great and the crew was outstanding. Aloha spirit is not just a saying around here, the people are very genuine.

On the way out we ran into a small pod of spinner dolphins.

I had hiked into and camped in the Kalalau many years ago with my friend Ronnie but had never visited it from the water. Leslie had never seen it before. It was a beautiful day although the whole island needs rain, even the wettest spot on earth.

It was nice to see the caves and waterfalls situated farther down the coast where I had once played and stayed. We stopped at a sparkly clear cove and snorkeled around for a while. Saw a turtle and lots of beautiful native fish. We came back under sail, much faster and wetter. Those that dared lay down on the cat's trampoline got tossed and thoroughly soaked but they didn't seem to mind too much.

A very nice trip. Highly recommended.


Sanoguy said...

Been there, done that! It really is a great trip!

Noreen said...

Wonderful visuals, Robert! And you have a lovely wife!