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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


kudos and brickbats - aye for John Boehner, finally stood up to the lunatics on his wing who will never accept any compromise whatsoever, he called a spade a spade this morning. kudos to Paul Ryan and Patty Murray, a repub and dem who actually managed to work together, compromise and craft a bipartisan deal that is tolerable. Adults never get everything they want in this life. I hate to praise McConnell but appreciated his support for thad cochran, now uber righties like Cornyn are vilified in their own party as being too centrist, utterly ridiculous. About time for the adults in the room to speak up.

kudos to the people of the Ukraine, whose leadership, afraid of a shutoff of the Russia energy tap, have spurned Europe and got in bed with Putin.  The statue of Lenin laying on his ass was a nice touch last week. They join Georgia and several other ex soviets in wishing to be free of the bone crushing embrace of the russian bear, which knows only the tools of power and intimidation. and of course, polonium.

a brick for the rubios of the world, ted cruz walking out in a huff, who are sore because Obama shook raoul's hand. give it a break,  it's been fifty years already,face it, you old cubanistas down there in miami are never getting your beachfront property back, batista is dead. damn shame, but the world moves on. we can tolerate slave labor in china, should be no problem with that insignificant little island.

And allan west is sore because the obaminator didn't genuflect at the shrine of the iron lady, Thatcher. the nasty old wench who preferred to keep the blacks in south africa under semi permanent servitude, mustn't be too hasty with that freedom stuff. dangerous brew in the wrong hands.

watched the video of my surgery this morning, pretty cool, fantastic voyage through my synovial sea, that is until the fifteen minute mark when the water turned a fiery red. A guy should have a couple weeks after an operation to chill but I am not giving myself the luxury, second day in semi suspended action mode. must, make, money.

dinner at vincent's last night, never order the catfish.

Laura is moving and needs to sell her beautiful old piano. let me know if you have an interest.

The piano is an Alexandra. I did an alexandra/piano google search and found an interesting link to the bavarian princess Alexandra Amelie (1826-1875), the fifth daughter of good King Ludwig. She apparently had many strange idiosyncrasies and fixations, only wore white clothing and was an obsessive clean freak. Certain colors and smells deeply disturbed her. And she harbored the strange delusion that she had swallowed an elaborate grand piano made of glass in childhood that had somehow remained inside her. She was under the fear that if bumped into, it might shatter the inner instrument. The delicate princess was ultimately sequestered in a convent, presumably one with few sharp edges.

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