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Monday, December 9, 2013

marx and lennon

The Air Force band flash mob at the Smithsonian is a pretty cool story. In the words of Sydney Greenstreet, "Well played, if a bit ecumenical."

The news that the NSA is wasting taxpayer dollars by hiding in your xbox looking for orcs is a bit disturbing. What a farcical laughingstock we have become.

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Hendrix. in his own words.

pardon the e.e. cummings bit of late but caps are hard on shoulders and I am cheating when i can.

i talked to my mother for the first time in ages. she is out of the hospital and dialysis for a while. guess she is reading the blog again. says that i am writing too much about food. that I eat better than anybody in baltimore. which is tough to imagine since they have those famous pit beef sandwiches there that I never got to try. crab cakes, not to mention. she lives in elicott city, maryland, just down the street from edward snowden. my mother was a gourmand before anyone had heard of the term. we were the only kids in the neighborhood forced to eat calves brains and tripe. great italian cook, great all around chef, much like Leslie, a natural. mother and wife share the same birthday, strange, the leos in my life or in this case, leo virgo cusps in my life.

anyway food is good to write about since it is largely free of controversy and nobody gets too pissed about it like some other topics. Feeds into my current view of humans as being merely overlarge pastry bags that are constantly engaged in the acts of filling and squeezing, with temporary stops to do the important things in life like write haiku or maybe tweet a little in the off time.

Leslie has been taking wonderful care of my lazy sodden recuperating ass, second batch of flaxseed, banana, pecan pancakes with freeze dried blueberries, maybe the best ever. accompanied by extra thick apple wood smoked bacon. real maple syrup. get this, get that, honey, could you?

wrote to a friend in japan last night, his return reply suggests a heightened angst level re: sino adventurism in a precarious south china sea. friends in thailand similarly freaked with current instability there. careful china, you know we are listening to your every word.

stan sends over america as horror show - guardian - festival of dangerous ideas.

"When you get the message, hang up the phone."- Timothy Leary

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Anonymous said...

I fear that our collective unconscious has become jealous of the third world's governmental antics and decided that if they can have dysfunctions we Americans MUST be able to screw up on a grander more spectacular scale. We will know we are truly there when the next aircraft carrier is named the Keystone (cop).