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Thursday, December 12, 2013

On a cold hard night on the spanish main

Met some interesting people of late, some new friends, some old. Like Sig, who calls himself a non spiritual coincidentalist and whose business card is inscribed Irony is destiny. Sig told me the most amazing tale about a very special piece of paper that floated through his car window one fine day, a story that I hope that he will retell for us so that I do not botch it up. And of course there's the Warhol thing.

Identical twins, Roselle New Jersey 1967 - Diane Arbus
On my trip to Detroit, a somewhat older flight attendant from St. Paul was telling me a story of a pair of  siamese twins that work out at a gym she belongs to. I was peppering her with questions. I have so many questions, two trunks, one pair of legs, two distinct personalities, who gets to decide where to go?  When to sleep? Can they communicate nonverbally? Pardon me, but do they share the satisfaction of physical pleasure and can I get a little help on the mechanics involved?

Sort of fascinating to think of two psyches sharing physical space or is it one psyche, one big collective nervous system with two separate heads? Do they ever go through protracted periods of not speaking? Equal smarts?Any hobbies? Separate marriages and individual friendships? Interesting people to meet, I would think. One entity or two?

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