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Monday, March 23, 2015

Bad Beef

Every great leader needs a great foil, someone to test his mettle against and hopefully vanquish in combat. Think of JFK and Kruschev, LBJ and Ho, Ronnie Reagan telling the Russkis to take that wall on down. Barack Obama has one too. His name is Benjamin Netanyahu. A pox on them both.

If I sound conflicted in regards to Israel it is because I am. As much as I hate the frequently double dealing Israeli President, he is in a tough spot. He leads a country that faces real existential threats, in a region fraught with lunacy and barbaric behavior on a weekly basis.

The American President's Chief of Staff delivered a chiding, wag your finger in the faces of the Israelis speech to J Street today about ending the Israeli occupation. I am all for ending occupations. I am sure that the Sioux, Cheyenne and Hawaiians would like the United States to end their occupations as well. Wouldn't put much money on it ever occurring.

We treat what was once our greatest middle east ally in a quite contemptuous manner these days. Not like they are applying lashes, or stoning women for driving or killing bloggers or hanging gay people or anything. Overrunning the elected government in Yemen. No wait, that was our buddy's the Iranians, the same folk General Petraeus is now calling the greatest threat in the middle east. Barack's newfound BFF's. Why the sudden rush to make nice with the Ayatollah?

Some talking heads maintain that Obama's rather butch and patronizing manner with the Israelis is cover to deflect attention from the fucking they are about to get in the Iran deal. The best deal our President thought he could get, irrespective of the outcome. Don't worry Israel, we will be right there to check on the treaty and plug any leaks in that Iron Dome thingie we gave you. And if that doesn't work out, hey we gave it our best shot, into every life some shpilkis will fall.

Because Obama has turned out to be a big fraud. I saw that from day one. What he says and does are two different things. The new master blaster of realpolitic alienated friends and foes alike, completely disavowed his base, turned right on civil liberty, torture, weed, gay marriage, practically every issue he ever pandered to the crowds to as a Presidential candidate. But he needs something big for his legacy to feed his enormous ego, needs to sacrifice a calf and the burnt offering unfortunately is Israel.

So he is basically going to let the s.o.b.'s walk right over another one of his vaunted red lines, (anybody remember what he said he would do if he found the Syrians using chemical weapons?) and give the Iranians everything they ask for, taking them at their word and leaving them at most a year away from a nuke.

Say what you want about those terrible Israelis, if they do have a 100 nukes sitting there in Dimona they have shown remarkable restraint all these years, a restraint I would find hard to expect from the crazy fucking ahabs.

I am not sure if our President is an anti semite. I know that relations with Israel have never been this bad. I know that administration spokepeople Jen Psaki and Josh Earnest have been very hostile to jews and Israelis and the former once extolled the virtues of a molotov throwing Palestinian "freedom fighter." I know that Obama likes to pal around with Soros and Wright and Maryati and more than a few other jew haters. So who knows?

He is certainly doing a remarkable job playing to the shj's, the J Street self haters, triangulating the pie eyed jewish liberals who couldn't find Israel on a map and have no idea what life is really like there on the ground. I do. I have lived there. My father was born and lived there. My grandfather is buried there.

Disregard the bad actors in the neighborhood by all  means and save your ire for the Israelis, because they dared question the sanity of cutting a deal with the Iranians, the people who stormed our building and held our people hostage and then set up a radical islamic state that helped foment terrorism in places all over the world including south america.

Iranians are rational people, just ask Martin Indyk. Everybody knows that the Israelis are a bunch of drama queens, that none of their fears are well founded, that you can't take somebody with a bomb seriously who has repeatedly stated that he wants to annihilate you. Not when you have Big brother Barack to protect you.

Alienate jewish voters and split more of them off from the liberal base because the democrats obviously don't need them and there's always that dual loyalty question. You go ahead Barack, play with your new friends. Because nobody needs a friend like you.

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