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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Telephone Blues

Got a call the other day from ATT. They need to rewire my office for the ATT U-Verse service. They were going to be there next Monday and I should be prepared.

The whole attitude pissed me off. You're telling me or are you asking me? Piss off! I hung up.

My U-Verse service seems to be functioning fine and I really don't want the hassle of people tramping through my office at the moment.

I had needed to talk to ATT anyway so I called them back. I got a letter recently that my plan was to expire in May and they mentioned in the letter that they might have a cheaper alternative. For some reason they bumped my rate this year.

I called and had an entirely dissatisfactory talk with a nasty person that ended up with me using some choice expletives and hanging up the phone once again. Been a little grumpy the last couple days.

I got my wits about me and called back. A woman answered. "Oh, our records show you have actually been off contract for a year. The letter you got was erroneous. But we can now give you a better rate and take the twenty bucks off." I wanted to know why they didn't contact me a year ago when they bumped me up or rebate me all the extra gelt I spilled but I knew the answer - they did it because they could. That is the way corporations treat their customers these days - basically worse than dogs.

I vented a bit. Then I asked them about the U-verse soliloquy and exactly why they needed to get into my shop. "We don't," she said. Well who did? My mind started racing, was it the NSA, cops, burglars, ex wives, WTF?

Turns out it is a big scam. The fake ATT perps called back yesterday and wouldn't give me a return number or identify themselves except to say that they were an ATT contractor. I hung up once again. Apparently they are gaining access, rewiring  and seriously screwing things up for people. Beware. I am not sure who I am more angry at now, the real ATT or the scam ATT? They both suck. Of course Verizon is just as bad. Google phone anybody?

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