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Friday, March 13, 2015

Retinal Man

Went out and bought the new 27" iMac 5k retina. My macbook is also a retina screen but nothing like this. Pretty astounding resolution. Normally I wouldn't treat myself to this kind of largesse but my computer person told me that like me, the old box was getting long in the tooth and it was now time to put it to bed. L&M told me the same thing about the weed eater today. The old echo plumb burned itself out. Time to die.

My MacPro desktop was an early intel from 2008, which is like 49 years in dog years, terribly old for technology. Had no headroom left and the drive was full and wouldn't backup. Lightroom 6 is coming out any day and the new word is 64 bit and turbo speed cpu's that are finally fully utilized. This new desktop is a screaming bat out of hell. Couple new 4tb drives and I will be good to go. Many thanks to Ken, Heidi, Brent and Kip for keeping me straight on the install.


Going through a little grief with my eye. I have always been ripe for a retinal tear, speaking of retinas. Doctor once told me that I would have to move fast when I finally saw the flashing lights. Happened just the other afternoon, little asteroids circumnavigating my left eye, at a clip of about every five seconds, dancing around with the fancy new crop of floaters.

Called my opthal at home that evening and Doug told me to wait until morning, went and saw the new doctor, young guy, who let me know that these things were common when a guy gets to be near my age. G-r-r-r. I'm like, what did you just say? I don't trust green young whippersnapper doctors who think that they know everything. Give me a guy who had time to make all his mistakes and maybe learn something. Mileage counts a lot, in my book anyway.

Guy says I have something that sounds like a yrus ring, my vitreus humor is in very poor humor indeed, in fact it is pulling away from the back of the eyeball. Who said getting old wasn't hilarious? He says about a 10% chance of a full blown retinal tear in the next thirty days and it would be wise to dial it back a tad and lay low. I believe I shall try.


Jon Harwood said...

They can stick the retina back down but the procedure is a bit gross as I learned from experience. They zap you in the eye with a Buck Rogers ray gun. I had it done, not bad as such things go.

Anonymous said...

So lay low and let's plan a visit when the time is right. Thanks for the info about retinal tearing.....aloha, Wicki