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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I tried to have a conversation with some of the futurists over on David Brin's page and ended up the subject of a kind of nasty rant by the author himself. Not that I wasn't dishing it out mind you but it was certainly done with a collegial spirit.

A few weeks ago Brin was defending the idea of using genetic engineering to make animals smarter, a process called uplifting, and I thought that was a little sick and strange too in a Dr. Frankenstein sort of way. Honestly I seldom agreed with the man on any level but hey, he is smart, rich and famous, what do I know?

Brin is a Cal Tech scientist and an award winning science fiction writer, a man who has won all sorts of literary prizes including Nebulas. He has never been my cup of tea for science fiction, have never actually been able to finish one of his books, but it takes all kinds and no one will please everybody.

Almost 60k followers? One direction doesn't have 60k followers. And frankly his 45 million views make my 6 million look like doodleysquat. This guy is definitely major league.

I took myself off his follower page and am going to no longer parley with the guy and his cronies. I am sure that neither they nor I will be missed.

Sheep Chimera, Oh Lucky Man.


WildBill said...

internet argument

Max. Hall said...

That was an entertaining exchange to read Robert. I found myself laughing more than once at some of your responses.Then I visited your Google+ account and enjoyed your photos.

Anonymous said...

Enginerds are an odd bunch.