Morning at Spider Rock

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Swami's sunset

Ken, Mike and I drove down to first Pillbox and then Swami's yesterday evening to practice up on our long exposure technique. I have done very little of it myself and there is a lot to learn. Bought a new Vello intervalometer and used a 10 stop neutral density filter.

I'm not sure how successful I was. You can see a bit of ghosting in the image above where the wave was hitting the tripod legs. That shot was taken with a 40 second exposure at f11.

Here is a color one.

Nikon D7200 w/Sigma 10-20mm f8 16 sec. exposure iso 100

I also did a bit of HDR. If I get anything decent processed I will post it.


Anonymous said...

A lot of sand up on the reef and shoreline right now.

Anonymous said...

Nice snaps. I am always amused by the way things change. Digital photography has made things better overall but it replaces the essential simplicity of prior methods with great complexity even if the complexity is usually not so evident. The time exposure is a fun example. In "the day" time exposures only required a $1.75 cable release and a reciprocity failure chart. Now specialized equipment is required along with the new learning curve. Sometimes it seems like sweating a mosquito with an antiaircraft emplacement.

Blue Heron said...

It's really just the addition of a 10 stop nd filter.

Anonymous said...

Thank God!