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Saturday, August 29, 2015

My back pages

I mentioned a while back that I had a missed phone call when I was photographing the waterfall back in New Mexico.

It was Abby, my first love from childhood. I called her back coming home on the long stretch through the desert. We hadn't spoken since, gosh, was it 1978 that her father died?

Mort was a famous actor and voice over specialist, a familiar cartoon voice, in fact the famous original trix rabbit.

His daughter was the first woman who ever saw anything redeeming in me, who loved me in a deep and special way, the first woman who ever lived with me.

How can I not still be grateful? We split apart when she went to school and I went overseas. Had a few issues. That was a very long time ago. New York City kids, she very upper east side, me the poor kid on scholarship from the lower east side. Lot of water over that bridge.

We gave each other the quick Cliff Notes synopsis of the preceding thirty seven years. Didn't talk for long. She is happily married now for many years, as am I. Had her ups and downs, who hasn't? Can't be wrong for me to want to wish her the very best, to appreciate her for once loving me?

She now has a kid, a grown kid, horrors, and she is also a Republican! How the hell did that happen? Beat some serious health issues of her own. We didn't talk for a long time but I did thank her sincerely. Our chapter is long over but does not need to be forgotten.

I have lots of friends who are still friends with their ex spouses and loves. The mature thing to do I suppose. I don't ever have to see my ex wife again and it will be hunkey dorey but there are several people in my life that I spent time with that I have nothing but wonderful feelings for and Abby is one of them.

I think it is nice to be able to circle around in our life and acknowledge the people who were once very important to you. Many people out there I will never stop loving.

Did I call Leslie immediately and tell her? Yes I did. But she is not the kind of person who is insecure about our fidelity or love for each other in the slightest. I am very lucky. Nice to hear from you Abby and I do wish you well.

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Michael Evans said...

Upper East Side why would you be surprised she is a Republican?