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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Christina Coons/ Freedom Film LLC

Props to the three heroic young Americans who charged and subdued a man with an automatic weapon on the Amsterdam to Paris train, sustaining injuries in the process, reportedly while the french train attendants locked themselves in a room and refused to open the door to passengers.

A 26 year old Moroccan man with ties to several terrorist groups, Ayoub El-Khazzani, was beaten unconscious by the trio and then apprehended by authorities. Khazzani had previously been flagged by French, Spanish and Belgian intelligence for his ties to radical islam and had reportedly been recently traveling in Syria.

The Obama administration was quick to react. Marie Harf, State Department spokesman, said it was wrong to mention that the alleged would be shooter happened to be a muslim. "It's immaterial. What Khazzani needs is a job and somebody to really care about him. What drives a normal person to act like this? We suggest counseling."

John Kerry said, "The blame should rest where it always rests, Israeli intransigence in settling its problems with the Palestinians. What Ayoub did was unfortunate but totally understandable considering the problems certain people are having in restoring the global caliphate."

President Obama had the sharpest words regarding the poor lad. "Don't suggest for a second that this heinous action is anyway connected to the "religion of peace." Islam is getting another bad rap. The shooter himself has said that he was merely trying to rob the passengers, replete with boxcutters, a kalatchnikov and a handgun. We are taking him at his word that this was not a terrorist operation and instead a simple robbery. Could just have easily been promulgated by a baptist, lutheran or unitarian."

No word yet if these United States soldiers will be prosecuted for assault and battery by our Justice Department for knocking the poor guy out with his own rifle butt.

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Anonymous said...

wow, what a dickish blog today. was that you at the trump rally with a black lives don't matter t shirt? nice photos but without a food narrative who cares?


Jon Harwood said...

Ahem.... I suspect this is satire or a complete departure from reality (or what passes for it).

Anonymous said...

I see you have finally gotten of off all your 60's medication. Welcome to the real world!!
Our government goofs are leading us all into trouble!


Anonymous said...

BINGO!!! Ken

Anonymous said...

BINGO!!! Ken