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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Two Bunch

It was my wife's birthday Sunday and we drove out to her favorite spot in the desert to soak in the warm mineral pools, Two Bunch Palms.

Two Bunch, of course, is Al Capone's old hang in Desert Hot Springs, the place where the boys from Chicago could cool out in the artesian springs when things were getting too hot back home.

Long a favorite of the Hollywood elite, it was the location for Robert Altman's movie The Player. Fancy cars continue to litter the parking lot and the beautiful people still come to kibitz and tryst. Place is so cool there is no sign at the main gate. A lovely oasis now ensconced in a sea of what can only charitably called "desert skank."

I was friends with the old architect and used to get deals there but the place went through a receivership and I'm not sure who owns it now and we currently pay retail.

In any case it still isn't that bad and the best thing is no kids, loud talking or cell phones.

We got a room about as far a walk from the pools as you could get. Our only mini bitch. Had a great time. Stayed out at the pool until one in the morning. Met some nice folks. Good place to people watch. Obeyed the signage.

Had a meal out saturday night that just about killed me. A dive called South of the Border. Should have left right away, the place stunk. Broke my rule. My steak smelled and tasted like old liver. Way too funky. Run, Will Robinson...

Saw a starlet type clinging like a remora to a comb forward sugar daddy. Met a nice girl from Texas, a friendly couple from Idyllwild, a bunch of nice Ukrainians. Great breakfast too, nice room. Highly recommended getaway if you like that sort of thing.

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