Peregrine flight

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What an incredible story Chuck Negron is. From phenomenal hit singer to stoned out junkie and then he somehow got his life back. Heard him interviewed on Howard Stern once where he recounted begging in front of a tall skyscraper that he once happened to own. Pop music but a nice set of pipes and a great story of, can you call it redemption?

Today was 1/11/11 and people were looking at their watches at 11:11. At least some people. However the more rational among them would have to cry foul and point out that it is really 1/11/2011, and that is not nearly as poetic.


I saw today that 60% of the american public say that violent political rhetoric had no bearing on the Arizona shootings. Which makes me think of something funny that Ken Kesey once said. "Never forget that in any given situation, there are more stupid people around than smart people."


I have a prediction, in the bold visionary style of Arthur C. Clarke or Theodore Sturgeon. We are personally hooked up to the internet within 10 years. At least some of us. Maybe it is a chip, radio transmitter, behind the ear plug in, but we get cyberspace 24/7. Changing channels would be sort of like terminator, subtle eye movements or other microelectronic signaling. Met a guy at the gym with a prosthesis who was describing the heightened sensitivity he had acquired at his elbow stump. Some of his arms have pretty subtle mechanisms that react to his electrical impulses. Plus he has this cool industrial one that clamps on to the barbell. Strong dude.

Anyway Sturgeon wrote of a group consciousness in More than Human called Homo Gestalt that was like an always on internet groupthink connection. And maybe it's just around the corner. We've been through the shit and maybe the party is about to get started. Here's hoping.


I had to take Loughner's picture off the blog. It was plain grossing me out when I scanned past.


Robert B. said...

Okay, my birthday was 1/11/11 and we (Rodrigo, Irma and I) decided to drive to Berkeley for a couple of days and eat at some fine places by the Bay. Totally inadvertently, we pulled out of the driveway and looked at the car's digital clock ... 11:11 a.m.!

Blue Heron said...

See, just like I told you. Happy Birthday, Robert!