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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The not hillary

A bunch of my Saturday coffee group were sitting around at breakfast and somebody was reciting a litany of various idiocies, missteps, lies and prevarications of the current inhabitant of the oval office.

My group is pretty well split politically so we don't usually venture there, try hard to steer clear of partisan controversy.

I am sick of politics and was trying to lay back and not engage, which I think I pretty much accomplished.

Let Reardon do the dirty work, I'm not taking the bait.

And one of my buds, a retired Marine pilot, said that no matter how bad the orange one was, he was still better than Hillary, rating a huzzah from Ken and the other conservatives at the table.

Now I don't know exactly why Hillary causes such a panic in these people, not sure what she ever did to warrant such derision but it is definitely there. Perhaps Fox News crafted a plausible narrative and they bought it, hook, line and sinker, personally I don't really get it?

The truth is, I believe that President Trump could shoot Mother Theresa in broad daylight, have a satanic mass in the Lincoln bedroom complete with goat sacrifice and cluster bomb Catalina Island and the conservatives would still be just fine with him.

You hire a disrupter to disrupt, he is doing one hell of a job at it, especially at the EPA. But you also own all the resultant collateral damage and I have a feeling that there will be plenty. Good luck picking up all the pieces.

Today he called Kim Jong Un a good guy and an honorable man. Okay...


Sanoguy said...

Oh, make me the bad guy!!!

The Phantom Knows said...

Robert, you have to let it go... or as a famous political personality once said... “What difference... at this point, what difference does it make!”