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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feeling Fine

I was prepared to write a large dissertation on my unhappiness with the Supreme Court of late, two specific cases this week, the potential evisceration of the section 5 pre clearances in the Voting Right Act and Judge Alito's smug and cynical comments regarding the administration and warrantless wiretapping in Clapper vs. Amnesty International. Major catch 22 there, I suppose that we can discuss it later. It belies a SCOTUS with zero regard for the rights of those lowliest of beasts, citizens.

Anyway I was set to start writing but lack the resolve to attack this afternoon. Why? Good question. I could say that so many of you tell me how much of a yawner they find politics, especially my own, and I suppose there's that but the real reason is that it is so damn beautiful outside.

It was 81 today, with a light breeze. An exceptional southern california day, lodged near middle of a perfect southern california week. It's tough to get political when it is heaven outside. Supreme Court can wait.

It has been a good week. Got some field help yesterday. Mowed a decent if not good portion of the acreage. Deadwooded 15 or so oranges, a start. Planted the mexican blue palm in the 24" box that had been hanging on waiting for the frost to abate. In chicken wire, to protect it from varmints.

Sold some stuff, sent some things to the right auction. Found the lost box of silver which got sent back to my hot little hands this morning.

Mother Hawk is nesting, saw two more high aloft in a new tree yesterday. Renée tells me that the ceanothus has started to bloom. Saw a bunch of my favorite people last weekend.

Had a wonderful lunch at Tekila today, the new Mexican restaurant in River Village where Fusion used to be. Had twenty four hour marinated barbacoa nestled in hand made corn tortillas with a wonderful homemade sauce. Delicious. Tasted the chef's mole. Superb. Manny the chef is from Guadalajara. Place rocks. Looking forward to a visit there with my crew.

Caught a great sunset from John C's new roost high in the hills of Vista. Has to be the nicest vantage I have ever seen in North County. Will be back with my rig. Vicky turned 62 yesterday and we went over to their digs. Everybody I know seems like they are in a really good space right now. Must be the weather.


Leslie and I went to the farmers market on Cedros on Sunday and stopped off at Lynne Merchant's shop. This is a picture of one of her shelves. She is such a talented and unique artist. Brilliant. The place is a visual feast. People need to go over there and buy her stuff. If you love Leslie's pearl earrings, Lynne made them. All four pairs.

Wild Bill told us that he is reading a fascinating book on anti - gravity. Said that he couldn't put it down.

Nancy brought her finnish spitz over to the gallery today. What a gorgeous dog!

I barricade myself in my office tomorrow. I need to find a file and clean the damn room. Might take several days and/or serious meds.

Helen has written a couple of interesting things of late. The case of the natty hangman and a story about the Buffalo Robes of her youth in Winnipeg.

Things feel like they are falling together a little bit in my life, I hope that you can say the same. Don't believe the nabobs, naysayers and eternal pessimists. It may all be going to shit but that doesn't mean that we can't smile, love and appreciate. Human life, still one of the best rides in the cosmos.


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Anonymous said...

Definitely feeling the vibe. The warm weather brings out my customers and my winter slowdown starts to fade. Makes me much calmer and happier. Loving life and living love.
Deli guy.