Friday, February 1, 2013

Hits they just keep on coming.

Something is weird with the blog the last week or two. I have had an exponential rise in readership. Where not too long ago I was happy to piddle along with 400 to 600 to 800 regular readers a day, every day this week the numbers are in the many thousands. I don't know why people are starting to wander in, could be a variety of factors. Google Jesus and voila, you link to my site. A russian porn site has furnished a link to my site, god knows why? People looking for hot poodles in heat. There's really no rhyme or reason, not like everybody suddenly acquired great literary taste.

I can't say that I am exactly happy with this turn of events. The more people that read, especially strangers, the harder it is for me to open up, let it fly and write. It is certainly flattering but who the hell are you people and just why in the heck are you reading me? Couldn't you be making more productive use of your time doing something else?

I've toyed with the idea of going private but that wouldn't be fair to my regular lurkers. Will keep things status quo for now.

I was cautioned by a friend this morning who is worried about me getting plinked by some gun nut. Got a call from a guy today who didn't like something I wrote about his grandfather.

I have discovered that I don't have to write a thing and I still get close to a thousand hits a day based on past verbosity. Big deal.

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