Blue Heron in flight

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bill's trip

Wild Bill and his wife Meredith recently came back from Costa Rica with some lovely shots. There are many nice ones to choose from and I will post a few.

A sloth with an interesting and very wise looking punum.

A little frog whose poisonous venom could take out a whole mess of people in a few minutes. You might not want to lick this one.

Bill got several outstanding pictures of owls.

An eyelash viper, which also possesses a fatal poison and blends perfectly into the tree. By the time that you see it you are unfortunately quite dead.


WildBill said...

Thanks Robert, very cool!

Sanoguy said...

Nice shots, Bill!!!

Anonymous said...

Killer frogs, snakes and crocs dangerous vacation.
Deli guy