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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Retinal Display

Managed to get to the Apple Store yesterday after we dropped off the cargo van. Bad news, the patient would not survive, short of a new eight hundred dollar video card. Seeing that the MacBook Pro was a 2007 iteration 4.1.1, with lots of miles under the hood not to mention an accidental  glass of cabernet sauvignon, we pulled the plug.

So I bought a MacBook Air. Smaller screen but marshmallow light. Which I then returned last night, desiring a factory build with 8gb instead of the four I had.

Lo and behold this morning I get a text from BigD, apple dropped its prices last night. So now I get the 13"MacBook Pro 2.5 ghz retina with 8gb for the same price and have a serious computer. It might be an adjustment going to a 13" from my 15" but I think it will be a hell of a computer, especially for processing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop CS6. Incredible screen, no pixelation, millions of colors. My only worry is the small size of the 128gb ssd. Might have to get an external hard drive. I get it tomorrow. Credit Card.


Postscript; Four macs in two days! Got the new box this morning and already traded up to the 2.6ghz 256 ssd. They are no longer upgradable, all of the internal stuff is now soldered to the motherboard so it pays to be sure that you are getting what you want. I am now capable of Face Timing for those of you who wish to get in touch.

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