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Friday, March 15, 2013

Examining the Cyber Kill Chain

Rodrigo Bijou is one of the smartest young men I know. At a very early age he authored a seminal strategic blog, War Times Daily, now either defunct or on hiatus, that was read and utilized by some very important players internationally. To say that he is going places is a clichéd understatement. His flight path is without limits. Please link to his newest post Examining the Cyber Kill Chain.

Rodrigo introduces us to threat analysis and the wisdom of segmenting real and perceived offensive attacks into a series of separate steps or stages. He points out the increased difficulty of processing and evaluating information from higher and more complex kill chain levels. Lots of new ideas to ponder and a new lexicon to boot, for me at least. I wasn't familiar with the concept of privilege escalation, the act of exploiting a flaw or weakness in a system configuration to give a user unauthorized or elevated access and privileges.

Bijou stresses the need for new and unique analytic approaches to gauge and identify potentially malevolent cyber intrusions and their commensurate datasets. One thought I had was that the wisdom of these new analytic approaches could be useful for both offensive and defensive actions. Very well done analysis. Hope that I can keep up!


Big Bob said...

These insights are well reasoned and well written, but it takes several readings, particularly given the jargon with which the author is familiar, but many readers may not. I am glad that our country has such forward thinkers who hopefully will keep us all safe.

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