Friday, May 24, 2013

Birdseye view

Obama is now calling for limits on the drone program. Isn't that like a successful second story man arguing for limits on thievery?

Nice of the Senate to not allow GMO food labeling. Can't trust Americans to make personal choices for themselves, can we? 64 countries around the world require GMO labeling but americans can't handle the truth.

37 different attempts by the House to repeal Obamacare. Estimates are that this has taken up 15% of their time since 2011. I wonder what this has cost the American taxpayer? Of course, they aren't finished yet...

When I heard about the nasty beheading in London I immediately thought Lutherans, it has to be the Lutherans. Alas, I was wrong, the religion of peace has struck again. Allahu Akhbar. The Nigerian born killers say it is payback for the killing of moslems in Syria, Mali and the middle east.

I have a problem with this sort of thinking. For one thing, the west has largely stayed out of the sectarian conflict in Syria. So we are supposed to pick one side over another now? In Afghanistan and Mali, we have tried to go to bat for ostensibly moderate factions against religious extremists who think nothing of inciting terror and murder in their own lands and flying jets into our tall buildings. Who is speaking for these other people?

British MP George Galloway thinks the west is getting a taste of what it deserves after Syria and of course, Palestine. This is the type of liberal thinking that drives me crazy, here and abroad. It is always our fault.

Congressman Darrel Issa sounded really pissed with disgraced IRS commish Lerner's taking of the fifth the other day, claiming that her opening statement may have abrogated her constitutional right against self incrimination. He definitely seemed ready to grab the pliers and pull her fingernails out, make her talk.

Many of my Republican friends are quit vocal in their hatred for Barack Obama. They are less willing to tell us which of their own standard bearers they support. Gohmert, Palin, McConnell, Cruz, Bachmann, King, Ryan, Rubio, Cuccinelli? Have we ever had such a murderer's row of nutcases on that side of the aisle? Seriously, if you are a republican, please tell me which leader you support and why.

I am not so troubled by the IRS targeting political organizations masquerading as nonprofits. Citizens United opened up this powder keg. It was never the intent of the law to allow the Karl Roves and Koch brothers this sort of free ride and clear abuse of political influence. I don't like it from either side of the aisle. Ditto for churches that tell their flock what and whom to vote for.

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WildBill said...

"37 different attempts by the House to repeal Obamacare... I wonder what this has cost..."
Over $50 million.

"Last year, CBS News calculated that the number of hours spent on 33 repeal votes — then roughly 80 hours, or two full work weeks — cost taxpayers an estimated $48 million. Since then, Republicans have held three more votes (another $4.5 million) and will add another $1.5 million with their latest."