Blue Heron in flight

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

As The World Rises And Falls

Trippy stuff from the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Has a nice mellow, Moby Grape feel. I got turned on to Help, I'm a rock at boarding school in the eighth grade but haven't tasted this flavor in a long time. I went to a very hip, small school up in Idyllwild called the Desert Sun School. My roommate back at Hart Hall was a drummer named Ron who introduced me to Coltrane, Harry Partch, Mose Allison, A.B. Skyh, this album, so much incredible stuff, probably my greatest musical influence, way back then.

One of these musicians turned into a child molester or something. Something bad. This is a cool tune if you are into psychedelia, speaking of the subject, reading a chilling book right now about your government - Dean Kuipers, Burning Rainbow Farm . About the targeted execution of two gay Michigan pot growers by law enforcement.

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