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Monday, May 20, 2013

But wait.

It appears that the reports of mother's imminent demise might be a tad premature. After initial proclamations from the doctor in the intensive care unit that she would be departing this earthly coil before the start of the new week comes a news stream of much more optimistic reports. In fact I am beginning to get the feeling that she might outlive the rest of us. Notwithstanding a silver bullet. In any case, the dialysis is working well and she is even getting back some kidney function.

My sister Barb flew up from Florida to see what's what. She put me on the horn with her this morning.

I asked her if somebody was feeding her cat? "Did you ask me if I looked fat?" she replied. "No, mom," I said deciding to try another tack. "Are you feeling okay?" "Am I gay, what kind of question is that to ask your mother?" she said incredulously.

It was readily apparent that her hearing aid is not working optimally. Exasperated, I gave up. Barbara will fill me in later.

Still think I need to get back there. Meet Buzz and the rest of the siblings and pow wow. Give her our love and a sendoff if it is in fact her time. It is very nice to know that things might not be quite as dire as we were led to believe at the present moment.

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