Friday, May 31, 2013

Courtesy of Acme Safe

My mom's health took another bad turn and I am headed east shortly. She fooled me a little bit and I really should have gone back last week. A bundle branch blockage to go with the other stuff.

I will be in the Virginia, D.C. , Maryland area. Even up to Baltimore. And I will need to eat. Any culinary suggestions will be greatly appreciated. My brother says I have to try the pit beef in Baltimore. Lena says the Blue Crab should be happening. What else?

I always make some proviso that correspondence will be sporadic at best during these sorts of things and then I sometimes can't stop writing so I will merely say, we shall see.

I got a note recently in which the sender said that he wouldn't spill the things I spill on this blog to anybody short of a psychiatrist. Another writer suggests that it is time to either find my "atman" or seek drugs and professional help for adjusting my mental balance.

I couldn't find my atman with a map and it has frankly never been too high on my vacation list. Pretty happy with who I am; love me, hate me or just leave me alone. My hypothesis has always been that we are fully formed before the age of seven and that any subsequent change is iffy at best.

In gratitude, Rob

(This roadrunner shot was taken through my windshield the other day. He has lived around the corner from my ranch for several years. Saw him in my driveway yesterday afternoon.)


Ken Seals said...


My thoughts are with you. I've made that trip myself.


Richard said...

"You cannot like or dislike something about a person UNLESS you like or dislike it about yourself." In essence, we are merely mirrors for each other. If these people are so bothered by what you write then they may want to consider their own neurosis that is staring them in the face.

Richard said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope you make it back and have some quality time with her. Food suggestion, Wellfleet oysters at Old Ebbitt Grill in DC.

Anonymous said...

without a doubt, the best place for lunch in D.C. is the buffet (yes, I said buffet) at the Museum of the American Indian. It's divided regionally by Indian groups, so you can have northwest salmon or Hopi stew - lots and lots of choices. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...
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grumpy said...

i don't necessarily subscribe to your personality hypothesis and even though i lived in the DC area during my jr high and high school years i have no dining out tips for you, however it was nice to see you today and i wish you a safe trip back east; my prayers are with your mom and with you as well.