Sunday, May 5, 2013

Más comer

KerryB tells me that he has found great Mexican food in San Francisco. He says it is the best he has ever had. I am not in the habit of mentioning places I haven't tried myself but will make an exception here. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think if you are in the city. BigD (who is having a birthday today) says that he knows the joint.

The restaurant is called San Jalisco. He told me about it on the phone yesterday. He was just there with his girlfriend. Said that the carne asada was insanely good.

Hi Robert,

Like I said, ordered the Carne Asada yesterday at San Jalisco ( S. Van Ness between 20th and 21st - their logo features a cartoon goat ), got a huge steak, inch and a half thick, grilled green onions and peppers on top, great home made refried beans, tortillas, chips and salsa. Didn't expect much based on the building and the decor but got the best Mexican food ever. Easy five stars.

See you soon.

Always happy to pass these things along. The San Francisco and San Diego take on Mexican food is very different, both approaches have their respective strengths.

Los Angeles Times Jonathan Gold did his 14 best mex annual review the other day. I took umbrage at his failure to include La Cabanita, my favorite anywhere. I wasn't the only commenter that noted the omission in my misspelled harangue. Border Grill, please! The place in Bell does sound interesting...

We got a lazy start today, even a nap. Started with my wife's special piquant mexican hot chocolate, modeled after a concoction we first tasted at Soma in Toronto. Flaxseed pancakes with walnuts and bananas and real syrup. 

Did a few chores and then Leslie and I went into town, she opened her store for a few hours. Afterwards we went to Rosa's for menudo but they had  ran out at noon so I was forced to scramble.

I don't know how Leonora does it but a simple chicken taco at Rosa's is a sublime thing of beauty. Nobody does a chicken taco this good anywhere. I also had a shrimp and avocado tostada. Shrimp piled high with a generous squeeze of lime. Heaven. Les had a monstrously sized carnitas burrito with cilantro and sour cream. Everybody does carnitas differently, their meet was the wet and stringy type, not the crispy cubes from a place like Robertitos.

We finished our early supper with a slice of flan. Don't think I have ever tried the flan here, funny. A very thick consistency with a dollop of whipped cream. Really good but not eggy, not the more custard style I usually favor.

We went to Oink and Moo with a couple of other couples on Friday. Started out with a truffle fry and a maple syrup glazed sweet potato fry combo. Sinfully good, especially the latter. I had pork ribs and brisket. Somebody had an ostrich burger. Les had a salad. I was so full I couldn't even attack mu favorite honey drizzled biscuit with much gusto.

Dave regaled me with stories of eating rat in China. Rat on a stick, flattened, sans head. He said that it was delicious. I will pass.

I am reading the book From the land of green ghosts by Pascal Khoo Thwe, a captivating look at Burma from the eyes of a Paduang student turned revolutionary. He started out in the book eating bugs and insects but I have progressed to the point where he describes the eating of dog and monkey.

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i keep striking out at Rosa's. some kind of curse.