Thursday, May 23, 2013

mas rapturas

Bruce called me around noon and told me about an alternate hawk nest to check out in Fallbrook. We had visited the nest several years ago, when it was populated by red shouldered hawks. I was at Pedro's when he called today, chomping on my fried chicken burrito. but jumped in the car as fast as I could and high tailed it for the site.

This nest, while in the same old dead eucalyptus tree, is on a crotch of a lower bough and now populated by a red tailed hawk and her three eyeass. This is great because I can once again look down at the nest and hopefully get some good shots.

These are not "them" but it gives us a taste of maybe what is to come. As soon as I got there, mama hawk departed towards the east. She made a lot of noise for a while and then started making some gorgeous lazy circles against the range of avocado and citrus laden hills.

I waited a long time for her to come back but she failed to return. I will be back early tomorrow morning and see what I can capture. Will be nice to have more birds to check out.

Lucky to live in a place as beautiful and unspoiled as Fallbrook.

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grumpy said...

we are indeed lucky to live here; paradise, usa; i don't have the patience, or the equipment, to photograph birds, but i enjoy taking notice of them whenever i can; and the local plantlife is an endless source of interest and for Pedro's, their fish burrito with extra dressing, it rules!