Sunday, August 25, 2013

The dude abides

I took my foot off the gas and it's frankly a little hard to get back on the literary highway. Been writing like a sumbitch all year. You lose your momentum and go what the hell? What do I have to say at the moment that hasn't been said? Or needs to be said? Try to rise above the chatter and maybe come up with something worthwhile.

You need a slight tailwind or it is just another job. Of course if I was J.D. Salinger and not some stupid blogger I could say, "I have written three books but they are not to be opened until 2019. My work is so precious that it can't even be viewed or shared."

After weeks on the road I actually stayed home today and tried to do chores. Which I failed miserably at. Cleaned the blinds and now they won't clip back into the brackets. I am a total handyman failure. A whole electrical circuit is out in our home, I think a bad breaker and I have to find an electrician to troubleshoot.

Filner is out and the newspaper and conservative establishment is positively giddy. Now maybe they can get the city back on track at getting the stupid public to underwrite and subsidize a new stadium. Whooey! Worked for Moores. Of course Spanos has screwed us before. But he's got a buddy over at the newspaper now. Step up to the larder.  Gonnif Filner did nobody any favors. Another yid politician caught with his schmeckel in his hand.

Took the normal three days to get the gallery together after a show. This time a little harder because of the long absence. Bought a nice small Laguna Robert Wood and a Peter Ellenshaw yesterday.

I took a bit of grief, probably deservedly so, from a couple of dealer friends in New Mexico about my shop. Specifically the spider webs in the window and not hardly ever being open. They said that I was becoming like one of those nasty old book dealers in Paris or Royal St. with their musty shops and crusty attitude. Egads!

We are going to Hawaii soon for a little recon and a chance to play with my new camera lens. It has been one hell of a summer and the fun continues! Got to have a good time when you can because there are no dress rehearsals and no second acts, at least as far as I know. One day you wake up and bam, you are old and/or dead.

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Anonymous said...

Hey my friend I have a buddy that is a handy guy he could use the work if you need some things done. Call me for his number.
Peace. Mr deli man.