Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I got the sigma 1.4 teleconverter today that extends my focal reach past 1100mm. Bought it used from B & H. Probably won't use it very often, you have to manual focus and that can be a pain in the ass with the big honker, especially when things are moving.

Kerry asked me if I was using NIK filters to get some of my effects on the bird shots but no, don't own the thing, they are all straight out of the box. Thanks everybody for all the kind words, by the way.

His question propelled me to buy the NIK filter package yesterday. NIK was a San Diego outfit, their stuff was really expensive but now Google has bought them and is selling the product for a song. Viveza lets you set a lot of multiple points for vignetting and other operations and I look forward to utilizing it as well as the other programs in  he group. Sells for $149.00, by the way.


I drove to the coast to see an orthopedic surgeon today, looks like my shoulder needs some work. Afterwards I stopped by Ron's and we went over to Bulltaco for lunch. It was freaking hot on the deck overlooking the Pacific and we sought comfort under an umbrella. The waves were calm, but the view as always was outstanding.

Ron had wahoo tacos. I opted for elk tostadas and a duck burrito, of which I brought half home for my partner. Really good but the habaƱero sauce was almost too hot today. What a great place Cardiff's Bulltaco is.
Have you read about the 37 floor "Walkie Talkie skyscraper in London that is melting nearby cars? I loved the developer's statement yesterday.

"The phenomenon is caused by the current location of the sun in the sky."

Like who put that damn sun there?

Check out Nadav Kandar's brilliant photograph of Paul Kagame in today's New York Times. And this from my photography blog, Fallbrook Shutters.

New unbeatable poker machine and neural nets.

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randyman said...

You'll like the NIK package. Especially Silver FX! They can do some wonderful things.