Friday, September 6, 2013

NSA talk

At least in terms of civil liberties, it is evident that Barack Obama the candidate sold the American people a fake bill of goods. It is I suppose a debatable question if he is better or worse than the last vice president in regards to these policies. 

I wonder what would happen if we elected a President who vowed to truly pull back the massive spyweb on american citizens. Would a rogue spy apparatus allow him or her to effect any real change? Or has the surveillance state become totally institutionalized with no possibility of turning back? 

After all the uproar, nothing has really changed. We reserve the right to spy on every citizen, every sovereign country, anywhere in the world.

But you can trust us, take our word for it, we're the good guys. Of course, when we have to rely on the good faith and empty promises of our leaders to secure and safeguard our constitutional liberties, it is unfortunately usually too late. 

Anybody else wonder if we had to start a new war to take a little heat off all this NSA talk?

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