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Thursday, September 26, 2013


I spent the morning in an MRI tunnel. My shoulder has been hurting so bad lately that I practically wake up crying every night. Can't lift it. After six months of excruciating pain, I finally visited the noted orthopedic surgeon several weeks ago.

"When did it start hurting?"


"You really rushed in here."

I was telling the truth actually, got jumped in high school, kneed in the shoulder and it has never been right. Never got around to seeing anyone. Idiot. Now I have a large calcium deposit on top of the ball and it may have deformed the underlying tendon. Really bad. Haven't been able to do a lateral extension for months.

The doctor, who is the top man in his field, said, three to five months rehab after surgery "not weeks, I said months." Now I am trying to finesse a few shows, try to create a much needed cash reserve before what might prove to be a long layoff. Very scary, although I have certainly came out of similar straits fairly rosily in previous crises so I am not wanting to give you the impression that I will not rise up and conquer, I just don't know how yet.

He says that it is like a large ball of calcified toothpaste on the joint.  Very curious. Cross your fingers. This is going to require quite the slick dance moves on the part of your favorite blogthur. Frankly the whole thing is turning me into a neurotic mess.

There are a couple other minor problems that I am not really going to divulge, at least here, my mother is out of the hospital and reading the blog again. Even gave me a nice compliment the other day. Nothing to see here, Mom. Let's keep moving along... but I love you and am glad that you are home again."

I hate the thought of another fucking surgery. I'm working late at the office printing up large proofs for my upcoming group photo show. Possibly pleased. Got to get home before dinner gets cold and Leslie gets sore.


Got this from Shawn today. Good article, I had a similar experience in Israel trying to facilitate communication as the author in 1990.

Hey, just came across a site and one of the 'other' articles (besides the one I was searching for) was titled; 

New Book Questions Effectiveness of Peace-building Workshops

Somer thoughts on the Middle East conflicts...but when finished, go to the 'home' page...not everything is of great interest, but scroll through it and have a look...there are quite a few articles (a good ways down the page) that would seem to be 'up your alley'!

PS PLEASE WRITE/BLOG MORE! I'm sick of looking at Al Jazerra, etc., but every time I check your blog there's nothing new to occupy me! ;>))) Haa, haa, haa - look - you addicted us, all, now you're responsible!

Sorry Shawn. Lot on my plate right now.

Feinstein and a bunch of other Senators dropped the ball at the NSA hearings. Blame the public and the media. Because only you politicians know what's good for the rest of us, right? My Uncle evidently doesn't feel the same way I do.

      I read through much of your "Blast" writing this evening.  You and your spouse still seem to be having a great time--restaurants that are special, hotels in Hawaii, and lots of interesting stuff.  More than me--but I am living the life I chose--so I can't gripe--though I do wonder if it is worth buying municipal bonds with my discretionary income; there must be better ways to have fun.
         I mostly enjoy your blog--sometime you sound too much like Fareed Zakeria.  My view is that the world must  realize it is at war with a cult that wants anyone who believes differently from them to be exterminated.  So, in my view, many "abuses" must be tolerated.  Enough.  UNCLE Norm 

Will try to keep writing, might be left handed.


Anonymous said...

im glad you are speaking to your mother now. please give her my regards in your next conversation.


Anonymous said...

I had rotator cuff surgery on my right arm. Could of picked either arm, both needed it. You can take 1 month of your life after surgery and forget doing much of anything. Add 3-4 months of physical therapy and another 3-4 months of light duty and you are ready to go. My right arm feels great now, my left arm, which I also did P.T. on is OK but I still feel some pain in it. I don't know if I would elect to go thru another surgery and 10 months of rehab on my left arm.

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

I'm sure you've tried the dictation features on the Mac..I've been playing with dictation into Notes and then correcting and pasting into the blog. It's not the best, but might be helpful while you're recuperating and can only use one hand. Don't know about you but dictating feels awkward to me; I watch Don Draper on Mad Men for tips. Perhaps in the interim you could have a few guest bloggers from the Blast World cast of characters: Uncle Norm, Buzz, Sanoguy etc. Your mother?

Blue Heron said...

Never have tried it. Will have to give it a shot. Thank you for the suggestion.

North County Film Club said...

Glad you mother is somewhat better but too bad about your toothpaste! I hope it all comes out O.K. without too much pain and recuperation. I guess I'll wait to return your HEAVY book until you're better.