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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Green Dream.

I am pissed. Some guy named Ricardo Baca has my dream job.

Baca, of course, is the new marijuana editor for the Denver Post, the first such assignment in the country. What are his credentials I ask you? I have over forty five years familiarity with hemp.

I can wistfully speak with first hand knowledge about the chesty perfume of the now long gone Santa Marta Red, a columbian strain last seen around 1973. I readily admit that I fried my cerebrum with the notorious nicaraguan wacky weed in 1971, a plant that produced so much resin it smothered its own buds. People in New York still speak longingly regarding some of the great cuban smoke that I magically procured somehow back when.

Seriously, a large group of americans can finally admit that they like to smoke weed, some of them, horrors, for non medicinal purposes. Recreational users, living quite normal, decent and functional lives. Many millions of them.

A new study I saw today seems to suggest that it can affect adolescent's memory, but don't ask me about the damn study because honestly I forget. But it is clear that a large majority of Americans now favor legalization and I honestly think that the pot landscape in this country will dramatically change in the next five years. The millennials just aren't buying it.

Clearly time to stop the stupid drug war. After all, our last three Presidents have at some point in their lives all been tokers and the current occupant, try as he would like to forget, was once the lead stoner in the notorious choom gang.

It would be nice to write a weed column, I could be the herb's Robert Parker. "I give it a 94 Bob. Grassy, with hints of grape and notes of bubble gum. Nice finish, pleasant euphoria. Just stay away from the oreos."

I would publicly lobby to bring back the early land race sativas, that is if any still exist, start over with the early mexican strains and keep the indica out of the mix. Bring back the heady psychedelic smoke and let the kush strains stand on their own. It is a pity to think of all the wonderful flavors of my youth that no longer exist after all the dumb hybridization that took place.

Teach the kids a little something, I would. I had an older fellow walk into my shop today and we started talking about our mutual liking of brownies. Would be really nice to live in a world where I didn't have to hide my love for marijuana, where I could talk about how it has helped me survive some very serious medical problems including multiple bouts of cancer, entirely pain pill free. But I'm not Ricardo Baca. I can't. Not quite yet. But we're close.


Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be cute. But what's your beef with indica?

Blue Heron said...

No beef, I just prefer to go in the other direction. Sweeter flavor, less sleepy.

Anonymous said...

I have an indica strain that has a very sweet flavor. I found that I am able to manage my pain better with this strain than most sativas. I do think that a sativa is better when I'm playing music or doing something creative. As far as your credentials, you're certainly qualified for the job, and I would happily provide a glowing reference for you. The only problem is that some checking into my background would probably have me thrown into the category of an unsavory character by some in the publishing industry. I'm going to have to leave you to your own resources on this Rob. BTW pineapple juice works as an excellent sweetner with brownies and helps keep them moist. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Ahh memories. Untying a tasty Thai stick tempting.
Deli monk.

Anonymous said...

Miss the thai, the sticks had almost an apple juice smell, but spicy. Those were the days...