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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

william burroughs mash up

words to the wise for young people. stutz sent this over. also sent a link to an interesting site - oxford american - southern magazine of good writing. met three southerners at tea this fine morn, haled from georgia, tennessee and mississippi rspectively, lovely voices and people, to be sure.

talked about driving up through tennessee, fireflies and fireworks, gorgeous lakes not yet orked into coal. statue of alvin york. many good folks down south. jonquils and rebel yell. yes sir, yes ma'am.

i entered the world at large this morning after a week nested in the womb, had my cup, caught up with friends, went to the bank overdrawn, stuck something in to cover, no rest for the weary or infirm, will have to start shucking and jiving earlier than i had planned, best laid plans and all that...money siphon never stops with the giant sucking noises. for any of us. back on the gerbil wheel. not going to worry for a day or two... no extra points for being the richest guy in the graveyard.

lena sent a rainbow from cardiff, I am pretty sure it is for everybody.

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Anonymous said...

BTW, that is an excellent rendition of the portrait on the masthead (CVS waiting). Curious colors that work quite well. Any more manipulation would probably kill it, so I think you found the "sweet spot".