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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Mushrooms produce their own wind currents to disperse spores.
Dangerous to try to write when I am this exhausted but what the hell. In the new bizarro world of ours libs Chris Matthews and Patrick Kennedy are down on weed, Dems Feinstein, Obama and Schiff are pro surveillance, cats are chasing dogs, everything is totally farblunget. Liberals now support the surveillance state, with a majority of Republicans opposed. Glad that I am registering independent. Now the Prez has admitted to puffing not just as a kid but a big chunk of his adult life. Thanks a lot Pal, a guy in Texas is doing life for possession. Way to go to bat for your homies. Rand Paul actually made a lot of sense the other day, shows you how screwed up I am. Obama tried to sell the meme that surveillance was as American as apple pie and Paul said that Paul Revere wasn't yelling "the americans are coming, he was shouting that the british were coming" which are my sentiments exactly. Course nobody has anything on Toronto mayor Rob Ford, maybe drugs aren't so good for you?

I laud a few things that Obama offered, reducing the hops from three to two, requiring more court authorizations and the like except for emergency situations. The problem is that exigent situations come up all the time. Police agencies "borrowed" the NSA's drones over 700 times last year to conduct domestic surveillance operations. The technology is way out in front of the jurisprudence, in fact it is driving the bus and it seems everything goes. Ex Director Hayden is pleased as punch that the surveillance operations are going to go forward business as usual, the american public doesn't buy the repackaging and remains unconvinced that it is necessary to suck up all of our personal data, in fact it seems, well, un-American. The idea that the phone company or google holding the stuff is any better than the government is of course laughable as well. Republicans and yours truly like to knock Obama's managerial skills but what does it say about Chris Christie that, taking him at his word, he could hire such a malevolent workforce. I personally think he is lying and only a matter of time before the birds start singing. Of course to the right, the Bridge scandal comes down to two things, Benghazi and the IRS investigation. Keep your eyes on the cup kiddies, there is a walnut under one of them. Ukraine gave its dissidents a warning today, starting to pinpoint their cell phone locations, could Russia be about to give an embattled neighbor a little help against its population? Putin sure showed his incredible sensitivity when he politely asked the gays to please refrain from molesting the russian children. Don't think Sochi is the safest place to visit any time soon. You see how the FBI tried to get MLK to commit suicide? Read the transcript. Sure we can trust our government.
President looked pained and strained during his surveillance speech, can't be easy, as they are so fond of saying, no one wants to be responsible for letting in the terrorist scumbag who manages to do us in. But like 9/11, we had all the information, what we didn't have was a smart person who could connect the dots. Perhaps if Condi had bothered to read or pay attention to the Clarke memo we wouldn't be having this conversation today. 10 NSA lies by Lauren Harper. And please explain Bill Binney's remarks about NSA funneling to the DEA's SOP. The idea of turning over "incidental" information about ordinary american's "criminal" activity encountered in these warrantless data collection queries is a little troubling. And who put that strange rock on mars?


Anonymous said...

I read a an article a couple of weeks ago that Gov. Brown recently had pardoned over 100 convicted felons. Many of them marijuana offenders. Because of these type of convictions, many good people all over the U.S. have not been able to pursue careers in fields that require state and federal licensing. Hopefully these injustices can be undone as legalization continues to sweep across our country. Jerry

Anonymous said...

I put the Rock I am the Walrus.
Sad world.
Deli guy!

Blue Heron said...

Dom, fyi the walrus was Paul.

Anonymous said...

Smoke pot, smoke pot. Everybody smoke pot. J

Ken Seals said...

Yes, weird times. Even the boy wonder Bieber was arrested for DUI. Imagine that!