Sunday, January 12, 2014

Besotted electorate

The blog is about to go on a mini hiatus and I thought that I should probably pluck a few low hanging fruit before I wander back down the rabbit hole. 

Scarborough Research is a company that analyzes market trends and demographics. I was reading the Washington Post this morning and a Republican concern named National Media Research Planning and Placement has mashed their data and come up with a few graphics regarding which potential voters are imbibing what in America. The link can be found here. An earlier iteration of the findings can be read here.

We can surmise the red, the blue as well as the probability that our respondent will actually vote. Above is another similar but more delineated graphic. Apparently these indicators are so good that 14 out of fifteen best indices of how a person will vote are their choices of wine. Who knew that the sauvignon blanc schism was so vast?

Now it is a Sunday morning and a little bit too early for me to make some crass political generalizations on the basis of this research. You can chomp the data any way you want and the pain cuts both ways.

Republicans favor (gasp) white zinfandel, and, well, look who's downing all the tall forty ounce malts, it's the low turnout dems. But I can point with some pride to the fact that no self respecting progressive would ever quaff something called Malibu Coconut. However the populist two buck chuck denizens are firmly in our corner. Michelob tastes like soap. I could never figure out who drank that stuff. Now I know.

(In the interests of full disclosure I should admit that I am a mostly tee tolling, 56 year old, overweight caucasian whose votes tend to skew left and who favors irish whiskeys, absolute vodka and an occasional microbrewed stout.)

We must find out what the independents are drinking. And may I suggest that you donate a bunch of lite beer to your favorite Republican the next election, they are statistically apt to just stay home.

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