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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And more music.

It makes me feel really good when people tell me that they like the music on the blog. I stayed with some great friends whose politics is antithetical to my own last week. They told me that they love the Blast for the music. They can cut through all of my biased political crap and liberal guilt trips and just be one cumbaya singing happy family of man with me when it comes to music. So cool. Here are a couple songs I was singing to myself on the road this weekend, trying to stay on the highway, including Webb Pierce's big hit for 1959. Steppenwolf, was the original hard rock band, along with Cream, even coining the phrase "heavy metal thunder." The Zombie's Colin Blumstone had one of the greatest voices in Rock, Beatlesque in its grandeur.

The San Gabriel Mountains had a ton of late snow and looked like the Alps on my way home. Very dramatic.

I caught this sticker on the back of a car in Albuquerque.

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grumpy said...

Webb was the "king of the honky tonks"; such a pure sweet voice he had; his "Why Baby Why" just kills me to this day; this track is cool too, don't think i'd ever heard it before, it's from 1959; thanks for posting it.