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Monday, November 8, 2010

The jew thing again

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said the other day that Jews were kicked out by France, Britain, Belgium, Russia and Germany “because they betrayed, stole and corrupted these countries” and adds, “we will soon pray at Aqsa Mosque. The Jews will soon be expelled from Palestine the same way they were kicked out by France, Britain, Belgium, Russia and Germany."

Hamas has been the darling of the left and europe lately. Israel needs to negotiate with them because they were democratically elected in Gaza, you know? Even though they are committed to Israel's destruction. Read Alternet or the comments at Huffpo or most any leftist rag and you will see many people championing the Islamic Party that is committed to violent resistance.

What I find interesting is that Zahar can basically make a statement calling the jewish people corrupt, betraying thieves and justifying the holocaust and you don't hear a peep out of the left, or UNESCO, or the U.N.. Not just Israelis, all jews. Can you imagine the hue and cry if a similar statement was made regarding arabs, Tongans, the Cherokee or any other tribe on the planet? But it's okay to characterize jews in the most vile of terms. Of course it is. Why does he get a free pass again?

Of course, this sort of talk is not new to Zahar who called for killing jewish children and jews all over the world in 2009. “They have legitimised the murder of their own children by killing the children of Palestine,” Mahmoud Zahar said in a televised broadcast recorded at a secret location. “They have legitimised the killing of their people all over the world by killing our people.”


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Ramadan Shallah, leader of Islamic Jihad, called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to step down for abandoning the armed struggle against Israel. Shallah was speaking in Damascus on the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of his group.

“The negotiations [with Israel] have ended and there’s no alternative to jihad and resistance,” Shallah said. “The present leadership of the Palestinian Authority is not authorized to negotiate on behalf of the Palestinians. If Mahmoud Abbas can’t adopt the option of Yasser Arafat, resistance, we recommend another option which is more honorable: to quit and sit at home.”

The Islamic Jihad leader said that “Palestine is all ours and we won’t give up one inch of it. We won’t participate in or accept any settlement that limits our rights only to the 1967 borders.”

grumpy said...

thanks for bringing all of this to our attention, because we need to be reminded; i remember back in the 90's when Ariana Huffington was a conservative, and her coming to the NPR station in Santa Monica, where i volunteered, to be interviewed, and some people at the station being repelled by her for her views at the time; now, though, she appears to have made a hard left.

Anonymous said...

The maps at the UN do not contain the state of Israel. They only show....Palestine. Really. Hoping that one day.........