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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Please kill me, just make them shut up...

According to an article I just read in The Australian, Osama bin Laden's older Saudi wives are putting the finger on little Amal, the yemeni wife half their age, as the one responsible for dropping a dime on their beloved husband and face of international terrorism.
"The three widows of Osama bin Laden are turning on each other in custody, with two older Saudi women blaming a much younger Yemeni wife for leading American intelligence to their hideout.
"It's vicious," said a Pakistani official briefed on the interrogation of the widows. "The older wives think the younger one tipped off the Americans or was tracked when she came to join him."
The al-Qa'ida leader was living with three wives when he was killed in Abbottabad three weeks ago. Until US investigators discovered his hiding place, it was not known whether bin Laden and his family were alive. Some reports suggested that they had been killed in the US bombing of Afghanistan.
Although the compound where bin Laden hid for five years was large, the three wives were all cooped up in the same house. The older two lived on the second floor and the youngest one on the top. Their husband alternated between them. Pakistani officials who have been debriefing the women portray life in the compound as an Islamic version of Desperate Housewives.
"It's a well-known fact that when you have two older wives and then this young one comes along half their age, they don't like it," said one.
The wives even dispute who tried to protect their husband in the raid. The youngest was reported to have attempted to save him, sustaining a bullet wound to her calf. But the older wives say they were the ones who rushed to shield him.
Their version appears to be corroborated by an account of the raid, given by US officials last week. They said that when the Navy Seals reached the top floor, two women were in front of bin Laden, trying to protect him. One Seal shoved them away, fearing they might be wearing suicide bomb vests.
Bin Laden's third and fourth wives, the older Saudi women, married him in the 1980s. At 62, Khaira Husain Sabir is eight years older than her husband. Known as Umm Hamza, or mother of Hamza, she has a degree in Arabic and before their marriage in 1985 worked as a teacher of deaf children.
Siham Abdulla bin Husain, 54, known as Umm Khalid - mother of Khalid, a son who was killed in the raid - has a doctorate in Islamic jurisprudence, and taught Arabic.
The two women converted a room in the Abbottabad compound into a classroom for Khaira's grandchildren.
Bin Laden's first marriage was in 1974 to his Syrian cousin Najwa when he was 17 and she just 15. Described by her sister-in-law Carmen bin Laden as "meek, submissive, highly religious and constantly pregnant", she had 11 children, the last one just before the September 11 attacks of 2001. His second wife Khalifa was a Saudi teacher who divorced him.
According to Najwa, who with her son Omar co-wrote a book, Growing Up Bin Laden, the original four had such good relations she called the others her "sister wives". A fifth marriage lasted only 48 hours.
But the older wives resented Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, a Yemeni who bin Laden married in July 2000 when she was 17. Even his mother was said to have told him off.
Apart from their time in Tora Bora, the wives always had separate houses or apartments. Bin Laden divided his nights between them.
In Abbottabad, CIA agents, who watched bin Laden from satellites and stealth drones referred to the tall figure walking round and round the compound as the Pacer. It is not known when Amal arrived but she is believed to have given birth to twins this year."
Now, you can call me crass but between all the broads at each other's throats and his porn stash, I wonder how Osama had time to even think about plotting the world's destruction. The young wife was bound to muck things up for the turbaned mullah. Another case of man thinking with the little head again. Makes me wonder if he actually blew the whistle on himself, just to relieve himself from the constant harping and bitching?

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