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Friday, August 29, 2014

Dennis Larkins- Sacred Gallery

When I was in New Mexico I had the pleasure of seeing an artist comrade, Dennis Larkins. Dennis went back a long way with the Grateful Dead, designing their Dead Set album cover and the Radio City poster as well as a bunch of other stuff. An old friend of John Morris.

He has done some really great work for the band Moonalice recently and I always enjoy seeing what he is up to. Moonalice, thanks to Roger McNamee, has been responsible for some of the best work in the  psychedelic genre for the last several years.

Larkins shows at some very hip galleries and has a new book out. I detect hints of Robert Williams and the Juxtapose guys but he has managed to craft out his own unique corner and vision. His image bank is decidedly 50's with a space age twist, think Elsie the cow doing the cha cha with the creature from the black lagoon.

Dennis has a new show opening up in New York and forwarded me a press release that my computer may not let me share. Here is the jist:

Sacred Gallery NYC is pleased to announce:
“Road Trip to the Fourth Dimension” - The Art of Dennis Larkins
Curated by Les Barany

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 4th 8-11pm
Exhibition Dates September 4th - October 31st.

If you are in New York and have the inclination and a taste for this sort of imagery, do your brain a  favor and give it a visit.

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