Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm dreaming of a white New Years!

 Leslie woke me up from a rather sound sleep a little past seven this morning. "What's wrong," I asked? She told me to hurry outside. I have lived in Fallbrook for near 35 years and had never seen it snow here before. To my amazement, both hills on either side of our house were covered with the white snowflakes, Red Mountain and Gavilan Mountain.

It was supposed to snow down to 2000 feet last night. My house is at 525. Looks like it got down to around 700'. Unfortunately my camera was in town. Leslie took some shots with her ipad. I ran in to town and retrieved mine, stopping at Riverview and driving up Toyon Heights on the way back. Stopped at the airport for a second as well. I saw a lot of snow on the ground on the way to town. In fact there is a little snow flurry downtown as we speak.

Unfortunately by the time I got my camera from my store a lot of the snow had melted. Maybe we will get some more tonight. Brett drove up to Tenaja and got some fantastic shots. I wasn't so lucky. If you have better shots send them along and I will post them.

Snow is pretty rare in sunny southern California. But this was certainly not a first for Fallbrook. It snowed in 1967, and I think again in 1969. I was in junior high and I remember the light afternoon snowfall. Farther back there were big snows in 1949, 1912 and 1882. I read that the 1912 snow was a whopper, leaving 30" in some places.

You don't really expect snow in the land of the palm trees!

Jerry sends a couple pics from up in La Cresta:

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Unknown said...

It was snowing this morning on the floor of the Temecula Valley. I just drove up to the top of of Rancho California Road. It looks more like San Jacinto mountain. Looking south across La Cresta towards Fallbrook I saw whole groves of avocado & orange trees snapped in half by the weight of the snow.