Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 end of year entries from the blast readership

Stan Schnier
"When Carmen's out of town, I like beer on my cornflakes" - Michael Maas
Ken Seals
Fall bush flying - Jeff Barney
Brett Stokes

Lichen - Jeff Myers
Napoleon House Bar, New Orleans - Toni Inman
The Skookum Maru, anchored at high tide. Jedediah Island, BC - Ralph Chaney

Douglas Garn
Drew Cady
Penang, Malaysia - Lena Leichtling
Not the best shot, but memorable. Good luck finding the bird. - Bill Olson
Somewhere to hide from the storm - Richard Hudgins
Jacobs Clan, Hawaii - David Jacobs
Me and grandson - Carrie Repking
Last trip to Isan - Michael Loughlin

At the library - Jon Harwood
Himalayan Holyman with i.d.  bracelet - Helen McHargue
 Lights at LACMA - Kip Peterson
John Colombero

Muddy - Kerry Brown

Beth playing for Kitty, taken before Kitty's passing - Tracy Merchant
Robin Adler and Dave Blackburn, Fallbrook's best singing group!!! -  Mike Reardon

My wife's 92 year old father, Nicolas, at the Buddhist temple in Bonsall. His key to longevity,  "Eat lots of vegetables, and don't stop smoking and drinking until you're 80. - Jerry Hall

Lake shot, British Columbia - Dave Blackburn
Blue Heron Board Meeting - Robert Sommers
Smoke gets in your eyes - Warren Bishop
Jonathan Hill
Boobies - Painted for Exquisite Corpse October 2014 - Noreen Ring
Roy Cohen
Silver Temple, Chiang Mai - Ricardo Neuman

Terry Schurmeier
May not be the best photo but it does mean the most to me.  It's my two year old granddaughter, Ever and me, in art class. - Linda Kohn Sherwood
This may not be that great a shot, but it means something to me because I developed it myself in my kitchen sink.
I picked up a couple of old medium-format film cameras from eBay, and actually using film has been a refreshing change from all the digital work I do. This was shot with a Mamiya C330, and developing black & white is pretty straightforward and doesn’t even require a darkroom, as I just scanned the negatives afterwards.
It’s amazing to me how much detail there is in that 2”x2” square; this was taken in Colt State Park in Bristol.-
Randy Walters

Nitza Leichtling
Lou Nidorf

Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada
Meteor Crater view - Victoria Roberts
Bali Prayers - Ron Holder
This is my end of year choice photo. It shows the earths beauty at night under the majestic Milky Way. This location is the very accesible Waimea Canyon, just 3.5 miles from town, with a nice big pull-off to park and see the sunset above Kekaha. And when the night sky unfolds, the beautiful stars, satellites and moonbows can be seen from this awesome view point. It's a perfect way to end the day and reflect on what I am thankful for in my life, here on Kauai. - Ted Fleming

Dominick Grossi

"Just let me go home" - Michael Bradford

The chuck wagon resting during the 105th Hunewill Ranch Cattle Drive, 2014 - Bill Le Masters

Lightning On The Navajo Reservation - Ryland Zweifel
Cam Wilde
Allan Seymour
Caribbean sunset - Jan Duggan

David Manring


Blue Heron said...

What a wonderful bunch of artists and photographers you all are! I am proud to be your friend and have you all in my world!



Sanoguy said...

Nice collection, BH! I like the eye patch!

NYSTAN said...

John Columbero-move your guitar farther away from the fire or the checked finish won't be from aging!

Anonymous said...

very impressive set of images....love the shot by Ken Seals.
lack of comments though....wassupwidat????


Blue Heron said...

They must figure a picture's worth a thousand words. I agree on the Ken Seals shot, a well as several others. Love Linda Sherwoods and Jeff Myers and too many to count!

Ken Seals said...

My compliments to every photographer represented here. Outstanding work! It's a privilege to be part of your year end best, Robert.